Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
You may want to send oregonpapa a PM.  He is friends with the wife of Perfect Path and may be able to help you. 
akwilson501 ...

Sorry to say, Total Contact is now history. The sole owner of PPT, Tim Mrock, passed away a couple of months ago and the formula evidently died with him. As far as I know, no one has the formula for TC as it was never written down. The website has been shut down and the whole kit and kaboodle is now controlled by the heirs to the estate. Too bad, because the products being produced by PPT were redefining the audio hobby. 

I put off buying some PPT too long it appears. Very sad situation, hoping it can be sorted out.
I am sorry I did not takeTims wife’s offer of letting me try the products. I waited too long. RIP Tim. 
Hi All. 
 I spoke to Krissy about 3 weeks ago when I ordered  my total contact. She said I was getting one of the last syringes in stock and the product  was discontinued. My understanding  is only Tim was capable of making it. So sad as T C is a game changing tweak. 
So if Tim's heirs bring TC back can we be sure it's the exact formula? Assuming they do.
I’m very sorry to hear this, and deepest condolences to Chrissy. I purchased their TC three weeks ago and Have found it very worthwhile. Very few accessories make much difference to my system (which I bought instead of a Porsche, ,rueful grin), but this one did. And it hasn’t even thoroughly broken in yet. Everything I’ve listened to since applying it just sounds more like real music. I have a lot of left in the syringe, it goes a long way, and will spend next weekend applying it everywhere else I can think of. 
The website such as it still is is marked “coming soon.” I hope that means the rest of their products with come back available. I will be jumping to get them. 

I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Krissy via phone calls and texts recently. She’s a very special lady and I know she will come out a winner when all is said and done. Hang in there, Krissy!
It would not be difficult for someone with the proper equipment to reverse engineer the product.  However, the necessary equipment is not cheap, nor is the expertise necessary to interpret the data.   Too bad the owner chose not to document his formulation.

Not every measure of unit within a patent is fully disclosed nor is every method of process. So its gone. Tom
@theaudiotweak, have patents been filed on this product?  BTW, patents can be invalidated by showing the disclosed information does not fully support the claims.  I hold 6 patents for chemical processes/composition of matter.   I know how this stuff works, and have pretty much seen it all in terms of the games inventors play. The practice of which you speak was once common, but it is no longer.  

It would seem to me that the owner's survivors must have information that could be a starting point for reverse engineering.   Purchase orders and other financial records for instance, would reveal much.  

This can't be that hard.  It isn't easy for someone outside the chemical industry to procure chemical raw materials for obvious reasons.  Unless the owner had a background in chemistry and analytical equipment supporting quality control, one would expect a rather simple mixing of products, or perhaps a repackaging of something that is already commercially available.

Usually permits are required for this sort of thing.    A Material Safety Data Sheet should probably have been available to customers describing the chemical composition.   How did the proprietor dispose of chemical waste?

There is just too much that is hard to explain about this whole thing.  

I can explain I've the formula. All documentation although accessible is under lock and key.Technology of this magnitude ranks with my Star Wars lightsabre engineering.I've created the Perfect Path for your funds to my secure account, directions to follow.Do not take faint, It's not 'Dust in the Wind', there's many a trusted individual working to fill the void....
Trust me.
Not to be macabre, but does anyone know what he died of? Is it possible that manufacturing the product created a health hazard?

I was planning on ordering as well, but held off until I got my dedicated line ready to be installed.
Has anyone who owns the product thought further about having the contact enhancer analyzed to find out what’s in it.  I normally wouldn’t suggest reverse engineering a product, but in this case is it ethical, legal, possible?

Seems like we lost a great innovator and product.  Currently kicking myself for not previously ordering, but due to economic conditions I’m trying to mostly make due with what I have.  
Uh, I think we already know what’s in it without having to analyze it. Hel-loo! 
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Well, maybe not you specifically. 🤗
@jetter how do you know that someone is lurking here and more specifically it's a relative of Tim's? 
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@jetter can you share his user name?
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So why has all of @jetter's posts been deleted? And by whom?
  It's really a shame perfect path technologies is no longer. I  was waiting to get the last of my upgraded power cords purchased first,  now it's too late unfortunately. 

 Hopefully something comes about.