Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’

Having been a music lover and audio enthusiast for more decades than I care to admit to I’ve had the privilege of owning some tremendous components over those years and thought I had attained a level of musical enjoyment that would be difficult to improve upon without spending more money than I could afford. Then along came The Gate to turn my audio conceptions on end. 

While I was quite skeptical of all of the positive proclamations regarding the Perfect Path mats, cards and contact enhancer ( how could they possibly bring about such sonic improvements?) I took the plunge and purchased a nano bundle to see what the hubbub was all about. Much to my surprise they not only brought about improvements to my systems’ ability to recreate a more musical sound but did so in spades. 

When Tim of Perfect Path Technologies asked if I wanted to try his new product, The Gate, I jumped at the chance thinking it would be a nice addition to what the other products provided. I wasn’t prepared for the quantum leap The Gate brought to my music listening pleasure. As much as the other products brought about a much lower noise floor, greater detail and delicacy, improved dynamics, richer tone and more realism The Gate does so in magnitudes difficult to describe. The best way I can describe its affect is unreal purity leading the most realistic musical sound I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.....outside of a live performance obviously. It has me listening to all of my CD’s as if for the first time again.

I have no idea how The Gate actually works or what it does I just know it’s the most dramatic tweak to my system I’ve ever experienced and I wouldn’t think of being without it. As to how it’s implemented, it’s installed in the electrical panel with one lead connected to the common buss and the other to a breaker ( preferably 220). Hope I got the terminology correct.....I’m far from being an electrician!

At $4,999.00 it’s not cheap but worth every penny to me as I’ve spent more on components with less sonic improvement. 

Lastly, I realize some will scoff at something they can’t understand and I get not understanding it as I don’t, but I would hope people could keep their skepticism healthy and civil. I am not here to promote or sell, nor do I have any affiliation with PPT. I am only sharing something that I’ve found to be transforming in my system. Sorry for the lengthy introduction.
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Day 7 with The Gate:

Just as Tim said to expect, the soundstage has expanded further. It now washes over me from the front of the room to the back of the room. Taller and wider too.

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Remember ... there's a 90 day, money back return policy on The Gate if you're not satisfied with the results. To date, I don't believe that anyone has returned one.

   I had noticed the 90 day trial when I quickly read through this forum the other day. Also noted that some tweaks may need to be taken out. Since I did not hear from mrs_ppt (probably asked too many questions) my plan is to read through this info again so I can know what to expect from the gate. And what other tweaks may have to come out or adjust. Work wore me out last week, but now I can turn my attention back.
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You won't be disappointed with The Gate. It is a revolutionary device that improves audio and/or video systems to beyond what you've ever expected. This is especially true when combined with other PPT products.

Adding the new PPT "Stop Its" throughout the house was like supercharging The Gate. I was surprised at the improvement these little gems brought to the system that was already way beyond what I ever thought was possible.

So far, I'm using the Total Contact (lots of it), Omega E Mats (lots of them), Alpha E Cards (lots of them), The Gate, and now the Stop Its (25 of them).

I keep saying it can't get better than this. Knowing Tim and Krissy, there will be something coming down the pike to prove me wrong. :-)

Frank, that is one subject that will take time. I like to limit variables to ascertain effect of individual tweaks. I have many bybee quantum signal enhancers, versions 1 under cables and units and the two version-2 of enhancers on speakers.. A 4 box stein music system. From nordost two qx4 units with a qv2 and qk1 also. Many dark matter and sonic tonic units from the tweek geek along with shatki stones and onlines placed at crossovers, plugs, connections,ect. recently added an ipurifier by ifi which is an active ac power purifier that surprised me with improvement. All contact points are first cleaned with kontac and then furutech’s nano liquid contact enhancer for all contact points. Also some of furutech’s new ncf products. This took months to sort out and am frankly thrilled to the marrow with outcome. Some, supposedly, use spintronics and slipstream. Some combat rfi and emi and other improve power issues. All improvements are obvious to anyone. Not knowing the mode of operation of the gate and other product from ppt i want to garner all the info i can gather before testing the gate. Hoping to be forewarned of any potential issues and what may have to come out per users experience. I am so energized by my stereo, as is, that my legs tire out due to music that is so alive sounding i rarely ever sit down as the music draws me in and i do not want to insult the band there with me. So maybe you can see why i am slow to jump. Thanks! PS Any help pointing out potential conflicts are welcome.

Wow! You’re as much of a tweakaholic as I am. You go about tweaking as I do ... one at a time in order to gauge the effectiveness of the tweak.

I haven’t tried any of the products you’ve listed in your above post. The closest one is the Shakti stones. I don’t have the stones, but I do have four Shakti Holograms, one in each corner of the room. Very effective, setting aside their flimsy construction.

On what to remove when installing The Gate ... I know that some members have removed devices using magnets and have gotten better results with the PPT products. Other than that, I don’t have a clue. Maybe some other members will chime in here with their experiences. My suggestion would be to call Tim Mrock, the PPT designer, and ask for his advise. You’ll find him to be very helpful with no BS.

By the way, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to reach audio nirvana. Your description of how much you enjoy your system parallels mine for sure. I’m still in disbelief that a home audio system can do what this system is doing. Honestly, there is no longer a system involved ... only the performers spread out around the room.

Last night my friend Robert came over for a listening session. I put on a reissue of the Chico Hamilton Quintet from a Mosaic box set that I haven’t listened to in ages. My God ... that group was so present, I felt that I could reach out and touch Fred Katz’s cello. Oh, and these are early recordings before plastic was used for drum heads. We could clearly discern that Chico Hamilton, the drummer, was using drums with animal skins and not the modern acrylic.

Here’s the Chico Hamilton album. The original has been one of my go-to demo albums for at least 30 years. This one is mono ... you'll want to find the stereo version. No stereo versions offered on eBay at the moment.

Give Tim a call ...