Perfect Path Technologies

Other threads have been focused on one particular product, and I thought it might be appropriate to start a more general one to discuss various current (and future) products from this company. Users of PPT products, and those who are interested in or considering them, please post your experience, thoughts, questions etc.

Lively, spirited dialog is encouraged, but please, be respectful and do not engage in personal attacks on, or disparagement of, other posters. Remember, tolerance is all about how we treat those we disagree with.

I purchased a new home in early October, so I have been in the process of getting my system set up, settled in, and back to where it was before. During that time I had forgotten a little bit how profound the “Perfect Path Effect” is. Does it defy conventional thinking, and easy explanation? Absolutely, but I have proven to myself over and over that it is very real.

All the signal and AC connections in my system were previously treated with Total Contact. It had plenty of time to cure, so I did not reapply it when I set up this time. I have 16 of the original Omega mats, two each under my CD transport, DAC, pre, amp, power strip, on top of my speakers, and on the outside of my breaker box. I have an Alpha card on the back of both speakers, over the crossover. I have StopIts on the unused inputs and output of my pre. I have StopIt ACs in all the unused listening room outlets. The latest addition is a pair of Omega+ mats on the outside of my breaker box.

I could go on and on about natural detail & dynamics, coherence, involvement with, and just plain “realness” of the music, but, in the end, it’s something you have to hear for yourself. I really wish I could have everyone that reads this over to listen with me 🙂


Sometimes my wife and I will debate about which polarity sounds better for a particular song or album. She often wins.
Hey Tommylion, did you ever try TC on the battery terminals of your wife's car? I think Timmy mentioned it during a visit.... M would love it. 

I have used Total Contac(TC) on my car system. It makes a big difference. Start with the battery contacts. Then do the ground connecting wire to the body of the car. those will take a few days to settle in. You will get additional benefits by treating each connection from the car's alternator to the audio system. A final place to treat is the speaker wire connectors.
Your car's music system will definitely improve.
David Pritchard