Perfect Path Technologies - "Stop It" AC Duplex passive line conditioners

I've been using some of PPT's latest passive line conditioning devices for a few months now. Grouped under the "Stop It!" monicker, the current range consists of AC Duplex plugs and RCA plugs. This will soon be expanded to include UK AC and Schuko (international AC) varieties. I'm very favourably impressed with the improvements in my system, and with the value for money they offer.

My first Stop It AC Duplex samples arrived unexpectedly 3 or 4 months ago, together with a bundle of PPT products I purchased. It's not unusual for pleasant surprises to happen spontaneously when you invest in a PPT bundle! I unwrapped and examined the offering - a pack containing 10 small plastic AC infant safety stoppers, with some very unusual visual characteristics. They are treated with a silvery gray hybrid mixture, which appears to contain pearly particles of some kind. I have no idea what's in the mixture, but it looks pretty. Although the pack was an early production run and came without instructions, it didn't take me long to figure out how to use them. The two protruding prongs really gave the game away, so I fired up the sound system and plugged just one Stop It Duplex into the wall. I have to admit that the small size of the plug and the relatively thin coating had me expecting a very minor effect, compared to a PPT mat for example. But not really - the effect was...

BIG and obvious from the first track. Not the same as a mat, which lifts the entire soundstage, the Duplex plug exposed top end detail and enhanced specific imaging, which I found immediately exhilarating and exciting. I should never have doubted Tim to come up with something special and surprising. So in went the 9 remaining plugs, into all remaining empty AC wall outlets in the room, and into the empty outlets on the back of my SR PowerCell 12 UEF. This magnified the effect as you would expect, and I began to notice the same kind of lift you get with the PPT mats, as well as further enhanced top end sparkle, and a laser-like exposure of inner detail which contributed to enhanced image specificity. All the plugs were used in my listening room, and I was very happy with the result.

After a quick email to Tim to thank him for the bonus gift and to offer my unqualified approval and praise, the reply came back indicating that further improvements could be expected by treating every unused AC wall outlet, with Stop It Duplex plugs. So I placed an order (at full price) for 20 more Stop It plugs to treat the entire house. By this time I knew they were going to work. But how great an effect, when the outlets to be treated are nowhere near the sound system, not even on the same floor?

It has taken me a while to come to a conclusion about this. In my experience, I found that in general, the closer the plug is located to the sound system, the more instantaneous the positive effect. However, the plugs placed in remote locations around the house, over a period of a few weeks, eventually intensify to contribute a similar additional AC cleansing power. It's initially more subtle and it takes longer to activate, but it's definitely worth treating every unused outlet in the house.

Dirty AC power is obviously a problem, we all know that. So should you "Stop It" with PPT duplex plugs? It's a great product that works as advertised, it's reasonably priced and can be purchased individually as the budget permits. If your results match mine, you'll hear a worthwhile improvement with each treated outlet, regardless of its location in the house. So I say Go For It!

Hi whostolethebatmobile: I couldn't have given a better description of what the "Stop Its" do. Since installing these babies around the house (about 20 of them), I've since removed High Fidelity MC-0.5s (7 of them), Nordost QV2 Harmonizers (2 of them), and several Alan Maher Power enhancers (5 of them) from my audio and my video systems. These products, at least for me, are now obsolete. I do also have "The Gate" installed at the main breaker panel. Although not essential for the Stop Its to work, the combination of The Gate and Stop Its has a synergistic (pun intended) effect on their performance. Good listening. Jeff
Another PPT commercial...


That's not true. It's my honest opinion and was not commissioned or paid for. 
whostolethebatmobile ...

Thank you for the excellent and well-written review of PPT’s new "Stop Its." Your assessment is spot on.

I have 25 "Stop Its" throughout the house now. Every open receptacle is covered. As soon as I installed them, it was like The Gate took a huge jump in performance.

I talked with Tim Mrock about it, and he told me that the "Stop Its" remove the distortion that exists in the receptacle itself, and the screws and wires connecting it. So, they really do complete the job The Gate is already doing.

Considering the price/performance ratio, they are a no-brainer.

Oh, and by the way, I had already pasted the receptacles, and inside the receptacle covers that connects the system to the electronics with TC ... and there was still a profound improvement after the "Stop Its" were installed.

I imagine theres a storage locker of them somewhere. Instead of trying to peddle them here . Home depot would prob pay 5 bucks each over a million of them. 
Of course, unused wall outlet blockers are nothing new. To whit, Flying Saucers 🛸 🛸 🛸 for Unused Wall Outlets which I’ve sold for more than 6 years. Hel-loo! Wall outlet vibration dampers? Got them too! For more than 10 years. Please stand by for Damage Control. Alert! 🚨 Alert! 🚨
@whostolethebatmobile  Thanks for sharing your impressions.
Considering the price/performance ratio...

@oregonpapa  Frank, since performance is oft discussed, can you share "Price" ...that is, your total investment in PPT (in MSRP) across all PPT products and applications in your system?  Thanks.
david_ten ...

Overall cost will depend upon how many PPT products you use. For example, if you use one Omega E Mat in your system, say in the circuit breaker box, you would be paying for only one E-Mat, and you would get a nice improvement. I have two in my circuit breaker box, and I believe that two is ideal. The Omega E Mats should be put under electronic components as well. So, one Mat under each component will improve things nicely. Start stacking them up under those components and the SQ becomes shockingly good.

Only one "The Gate" is needed. Full retail on that is $5000. Expensive, yes ... but "The Gate" makes the most significant improvement overall. It is an amazing device.

The same for the "Total Contact" paste. One tube is enough to treat the basic connections on two large systems. If you want to get carried away (like I did), you can find numerous ways to use it. For example, I pasted all of the usual terminal connections like the speaker binding posts, RCA male ends of power cords and ICs. Also, I pasted the speaker crossovers, the tube pins, the glass on the signal tubes, the inside of my power conditioner and the CD player, and the wires in the circuit breaker box. So, that took several tubes. The power conditioner took an entire tube all by itself.

The "Stop It" RCA plugs cost $10 each, so the total cost would depend upon how many you need. Without checking, I think I used twelve of them.

The new receptacle "Stop Its," which I referred to as cost-effective, retails for $20 each. Again, the overall cost will depend upon your needs. I have 25 of them throughout the house for maximum effect. Just a few in the sound room will be audible. The TV picture is improved as well. Put them throughout the house as I did and you’ll be saying ... "What? This is nutz!"

All of these items in combination have a cumulative effect that profoundly improves the SQ.

So, to answer your question, the cost can be reasonable ... or it can be really expensive. But like the wise man once said ... "Ya pays yer money and ya gets what ya gets."

By the way, I have a fairly modest system considering what’s out there in the "high end" these days. For example, I’ve been using a pair of Legacy Signature IIIs for the past 15 years or so. They retailed for $5000 when new. I bought them used in mint condition for $2100. plus shipping. With the above-mentioned products installed, I’ve heard very few speakers, even ultra-high-end speakers, do what these are doing. And that’s with the experience of working weekends selling audio equipment for a high-end dealer, attending many audio shows, and also working rooms for said dealer for years at the Las Vegas CES. Now granted, some of those systems played louder, bigger and with deeper bass than what I’m getting, but when it comes to clarity in the midrange, and overall realism, I honestly have heard nothing to compare.

Here’s the website where you can see the products and prices: 

Keep in mind that the manufacturer is overly generous in the warranty. There's a 90-day money-back guarantee on everything except the Total Contact paste.

Take care ...


Gosh, I did not know that. 😳

It may be just your opinion but as we all know soon all of the usual PPT cult will chime in continuously... "Oh, with 400 more I can see another dimension and hear things backwards".... LOL!

And the sun will perpetually shine, there will be everlasting peace on earth ... and equipment flippers will no longer feel the need to flip. :-)

Hi ozzy: Do you have any Perfect Path Tech products that you'd like to sell?
@oregonpapa   Frank, the question asked for 'your' total investment in PPT (at MSRP). Paste, Mats, Gate(s), Stop It(s) etc. 

When you say:

 "I have 25 "Stop Its" throughout the house now. Every open receptacle is covered. As soon as I installed them, it was like The Gate took a huge jump in performance."

That's $500 (MSRP) for a "huge jump in performance" for a $5000 Gate (MSRP). 

I'm trying to get a read on the return in performance vs your total investment. Thanks.
david_ten ...

  • "I’m trying to get a read on the return in performance vs your total investment. Thanks."
At full retail:

The Gate = $5000.
Stop Its = $600. That includes the 10 RCA caps.
Omega E Mats = $2400.
Total contact (four tubes) $1200.

That is a total of $9200 at full retail investing in one item at a time. However, PP offers bundles at generous discounts.

If I opted for investing in only one item, it would be "The Gate" for sure.

Finally, I wouldn’t even think about upgrading to newer, and/or more expensive equipment like speakers, cables or electronics until I had completely tweaked the present system with PPT products.

If I were to make an upgrade in equipment at this point, it would be upgrading my ARC REF-3 to an ARC REF-6. Retail = $14,000. But at this point, there is no need. None, whatsoever.


I would like to add ..I have tried the Contact Paste and the Emats (under components). I think both of these products make a noticeable improvement in my system.

What seems to be a high recommendation is the Emats placed inside Circuit Breaker boxes. I have found it to have a negative influence to my system. Its makes things brighter and fatiguing.

Initially I liked what the emats did in the breaker box, but over time my system got very fatiguing. They were in the breaker box for weeks. I tried reinstalling them a few times and was not happy.

FWIW I am not the only one that has experienced this issue, I know of 2 other people that have the same view as me. So not all perfect :) I still like the product though. just giving you all my honest opinion.

Now THAT is interesting. First I've heard of it.

Besides myself, I have three local A'goners who have had nothing but success with the mats in the circuit breaker box. I wonder why they weren't successful for you?

"Brighter and fatiguing?" Just more clarity and better dynamics in my system. 

Not doubting you at all ... just wondering why.


Not sure. FWIW I would never tell anyone to not try them in the breaker box, but don’t be surprised if something doesn’t sound right over time. Maybe too much HF detail is what I am experiencing? Anyway always experiment and give it time..I will say the emats under my components always made them sound better, so I am thankful for that.

I was going to ask you if you tried the mats under components and what the results were. Thanks ...

Still wondering why the negative results in the circuit breaker box though. I know a lot of the tweaks (from all sources) can be system dependent ... but circuit dependent too? I guess so. :-)

Did you measure it? 😜
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Now Frank, You just posted that you have $2400 retail in the mats. That means you only have 4 of them @$600 each.
I believe you have stated previously that you have more like 40 of them. And, you also have stated that you pasted everything using (wayyyy more than 4 tubes worth). Heck, you even said that you used the PPT paste outside your house over the electrical meter and conduit... You probably have way more like $50,000 retail invested in the PPT products. 
But hey, if you enjoy them and they make your life better, go for it!

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$2999 could buy you THIRTY+ Furman SMP pieces or Series Mode conditioners! That's probably enough to filter almost all electronics in most homes. That will result in actual noise reduction that's been measured, and far greater proven safety & protection for your home and electronics, than anything from PPT.

Just think, that Gate could buy FIFTY+! You could even put part of that money towards a Furman ELITE-15 PF I for the main system, and have proven Power Factor technology & over 45 amps peak charge for the most extreme peak power demands.
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Hi aniwolfe: May I ask if you're still using the High Fidelity Cable products in your . system? My experience has been that they don't play well together. Good listening.

Yes I am using HFC interconnects and Hemisphere Conditioner. I believe they play fine together in my experience. What I didn’t like was the MC-05’s with the Emats. But just to clarify, 2 other Audiogon Members here that I know, have experienced the brightness or excessive detail with emats installed in the circuit breaker panel. If they want to come forward to validate, it’s up to them. BTW none of them own any HFC products. Don’t really want to make a big deal about it. I think everyone should try at least 1 emat because of the risk-free trial period.
@oregonpapa  Frank, thanks for your response. Appreciate it.
^^^ You’re welcome David.

aniwolf ...

I’ve had a LOT of Omega E Mats in my system all at one time. It was amazing. Ozzy alluded to that in one of his above posts.

I asked Tim to send them to me so that I could have various audiophile friends here on the West Coast try them out completely risk-free without having to send any money for the trial. Tim agreed. Tim trusts me, and I trust my friends.

Each person got six mats to try. Of all the mats I let my friends use, one returned them all, and said that he didn’t hear any difference. I suspect he never got around to trying them at all. Then another friend kept one for his circuit breaker box and returned the other five. Everyone else kept the mats and sent a check to PPT. They also have used the TC paste, and a couple have purchased The Gate.

I suspect that in some ways, the mats may not be compatible with other tweaks. I believe that it is not the fault of the mats, because of all of the positive feedback received.

But then ... there’s that 90-day risk free trial period, right?

Know what's really cool about censorship? Nothing. 

@aniwolfe: Thank you for your reply. Trial and error is the best approach to all of these tweaks.
I had a  place full of Stop Its with about 30 of them. I was so happy with the increase in performance for the price that I wished my place needed more. So I decided to try an experiment and added a power strip of 8 and a duplex outlet extender of 6 full of Stop Its to my sound room on Sunday night.  I then powered my system on and let it warm up for about 45 minutes. I then listened and with a smile on my face as the sound quality had already increased markedly.

There was more viredness 
Sorry I hit the wrong button and want finished nor did I proof read my last post.Lol

The sound was more vivid, dynamic, more detail with increased nuance. I also sensed that the music seems to envelop me now. I added a total of 14 Stop Its. Two went into my Core Power I have removed my tv and cable box from one of the duplexes from it and now had room for two more. One went into where I plug the coffee maker in. 7 net plugs into the power strip (it displaced one from the duplex outlet that I plugged it into) and 4 net plugs went into duplex extender (which displaced two in the duplex outlet it plugged into).  Tim told me to make sure I paste all  the new plugs with the TC which I did tonight. I will try the system out again in a few days. I must add when I was telling Tim at PPT how much I liked the Stop Its I think he may have mentioned trying something like this. I may have to try more in a month or two and try to figure out where the law of diminishing returns kicks in. 


Clever experiment, tuffy. I think I'll do the same trial run for my TV system. 

I've been getting some positive feedback via PMs from A'gon members who are using the "Stop It" duplex plugs. Good stuff, for sure. 

As a side note, I texted Krissy today and she said that a truck will be delivering a load of untreated duplex plugs designed for the European and Asian markets as soon as tomorrow. So now, very soon, our audiophile friends overseas will be able to enjoy the benefits of this inexpensive "tweak." 

Schuko and UK should hit the shelves around December, just waiting for parts.  He's got a ton of them coming. <3 <3 Awesome posts. Thanks to all who tried this unique product! <3 Love, Krissy 

I am very pleased with my current listening room floor isolation.  It consists of a 12” thick, ½” rebar reinforced, 3000 psi poured concrete slab.  My previous listening room had a 5.5” thick, similar floor.  Both are covered with 90lb. weight plush carpeting. 

My equipment maybe subject to airborne vibration.  The turntable is mounted on a Townsend Sink which hopefully works (sounds great).  The equipment is otherwise on current version Stillponits.  They rest on shot/sand filled welded steel framed racks.  I’m sure I could improve the isolation with better racks but at significantly greater cost.

Sorry, Frank, putting my previous home on the market for sale this week and had major repairs on a rental this month.  Hope to see you soon.

fleschler ...

I'm looking forward to visiting you and to a listening session in your new dedicated room. Robert raved about it ... and as you know, that's saying a lot. 

I am delighted with the sweet ROI on both the "Stop It" Wall Plugs and the RCA Plugs: In just a few days I've noticed an increase in depth and size of soundstage as well as a slightly tighter/more robust bottom end. get these: it's a no brainer.
aniwolf - Use of High Fidelity cables is the problem with excessive brightness (and thin tonality).  I have heard these cables at shows and in a new friends $850,000 audio system.  YUK!!!  The absolute worst sounding high end/cost cabling.  My friend purchased for $3500, cabling and sold his $105,000 in HF cables.  The difference was a hard, bright, thin sounding audio system which we wanted to run from (all analog/Continuum turntable setup) to a mellower, relaxed musical sounding system.  No wonder the E-Mats sounded worse, they exacerbated the bad sounding system skewed sound.  Please try another brand of cabling first as  primary audio system equipment, then use PPT products as tweaks to the sound.  You'll thank me.
A friend used HF cables then one day I convinced him to remove them and replace with his original ones and he then sold off all his HF cables within a month. Initially they impressed but as many have stated the hi frequency is hard to take over the long haul. Live and learn
"Stop-Its" compatible with the U.K. duplexes and other European countries coming soon. Stay tuned.

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