Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
Newcomer here.  I wonder why nobody has posted here in a long time.  I will copy my post to the new thread--New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies.

My perspective is as a classical violinist who has performed solo in concertos with orchestra, chamber music, and as a listener who prefers the close up and bright sound of the 1st row of the hall.  As a holistic MD who knows that we don't know all the technical reasons for why certain treatments work, I have an open mind to what anyone claims in their personal listening experiences.  I also respect the physicists like Geoff Kaitt who are seeking to understand the technical reasons for audio performance.

That said, I am confused by many of the sonic observations made.  Of course, YMMV, but here goes.  There is not much mention of various types of electronics used in poster's systems, but it seems that the majority is tube equipment.  They like the fact that the E mat seems to make things sound rounder and more pleasant.  Harsh sounding early CD's seem to have less harshness and brightness.  Kedoades said that he usually didn't like his bright/edgy sounding Telefunken tubes, but after the E mat use, they sounded less bright.  All this leads me to think that the E mat rolls off the high frequencies, or yields more emphasis on bass.  On the other hand, these users claim that there is more detail and clarity heard, but is this mainly in the lower freq?

What do the solid state accuracy and neutrality oriented users think?  Usually, more accurate SS electronics reveals more HF than euphonic tube stuff, and exhibits less roundness and more harshness in lower quality recordings.  I am curious enough to order these products and try for myself, but would just like some more clarity from the users.  The new E mats may be a new ball game.  Thanks to all.
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I have the Omega E mats in both solid state and tube systems. The solid state systems use Pass Lab amplifiers and PS Audio DACs and Marantz SACD players. The addition of the mats was significant and increased the emotional enjoyment of the music played.

I would suggest placing one inside your dwelling's circuit breaker box and a second on top of your amplifier. Remember that they do take some time to reach their final effect. There will be an initial muffling effect but this change will transform into a noticeable sonic improvement.

We have a similar background in that I am a physician, my son was an All State violin player, and I do get to listen to acoustic music "up close" as I am on the board of directors of the wonderful chamber music performances lead by cellist Zuill Bailey director of El Paso Pro Musica.

Enjoy the experiment of placing the Omega E mats in your system. It is easy and fun to do and if the effect is not to your liking send them back.

If you have any question please give me a call.

David Pritchard MD

Mikeg has a PPT The Gate for sale at the knock down price of $3495 if anyone wants one. 
A bargain considering the improvement it brings to one's audio and video systems.