Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
Update on the Maggie jumper cables I built a month ago using Furutech OCC wire and their gold bananas, which terminate with set screw pressure against wire in barrel. While I have built several AC cords using Furutech parts, these jumpers are the first connections I have put together using TC, and I have to say TC is the perfect solution for a non-soldered connection. In keeping with TC’s ability to match up the surfaces in mated connections meant to come apart, it is just as effective in a primary connection. There is no reason now why you cannot build excellent cables instead of spending thousands of dollars on cables that don’t have TC in their screw-clamp connections.
sbayne ...

The RCA covers have been out for a week or so. $10 each, minimum order ten, with a 90-day return policy.

I’m using 22 of them in my system and they are effective. They replaced the Cardas covers I was using prior to the PPT product becoming available. I gave the Cardas covers to a friend for his system.

RCA covers are a most interesting item. Rhodium, Brass, and the new Perfect Path Technologies (PPT) covers all have a different effect on a system's sound. For me, a few goes a long way but this is the type of tweak can give that dialed in system that final touch. It is absolutely worth trying a 10 pack from PPT.
David Pritchard
Thanks Frank and David. I called Tim (always a good idea) and got a complete set of RCA caps for my system. I have also added E-Mats. These things are definitely the real deal. 

It is really heartening to see that you're enjoying these products. 

I find that the higher in resolution my system goes, the better these products perform. It seems to be true of all tweaks ... both in positive and negative results. So far, the PPT products have all had a positive effect. Dramatic, really.

My system certainly isn't "mid-fi" by any means. I'd say at this point, to duplicate it, it would cost upwards of 70k plus. It certainly wouldn't compete with the mega-expensive systems we hear at shows as far as price. However, thanks to Tim Mrock and his PPT products, at this point, it is doing things that I have NEVER heard in other systems no matter the price paid. And I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The mega-expensive systems play louder, bigger and wider, but I can honestly say that at this point there is a profound clarity coming through my ARC gear and the Legacy Signature III's that must be heard to be believed.  This clarity has been attained while preserving the natural tones of instruments and voices. The system is totally seamless at this point. Nothing but the music comes through. No hash. No grain, just music and those performing it. Amazing.

Stay tuned, more goodies on the way. :-)