Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
I sold all of the MC-05's.

Frank, David, 
I do have only one Omega mat in my circuit breaker box, but I also placed one underneath my Niagara 7000. Seems to have a pretty good effect there.

Ozzy ... 

As I said in a previous post ... the more mats, the better the sound gets. Try two or three in your circuit breaker box, as that seems to be the most effective place to start with them. Then add mats under your sources as the budget allows.  Just keep stacking them up. *lol*

Also, the Omega E-Mats work really well in combination with PPT's Total Contact. Its a synergy kind of thing. 

Although I've never tried them, based upon several reports from users, the MC-05's seem to degrade the effect of the Omega E-Mats. Not knocking the product here ... just reporting on what other's have shared with me.

The sound I'm getting from red-book CD's is absolutely fantastic. Its been a solid four weeks since we pasted the circuit breaker switches and the mains with TC. This is a phenomenal breakthrough in sound. I'm going to attempt to get several A'goner's over for a listening session this coming week and they can report here what it's all about. Zowie!

Mas, MriBob, and Steve ... you guys have to come over to hear what's going on here. 

I am glad you are using the Omega Mats. I would recommend the next step is to buy a syringe of the Total Contact, and treat all connections you can reach in the circuit breaker box (with the whole house breaker turned off of course).
 At my house I treated about 76 connections. Try to also treat the main ground connection and if possible the circuit breakers that are involved with the audio system. I did it in three sessions as to not get overly tired and make a mistake. I did one wire at a time as to not re- hook up any thing wrong.

This will really augment the good effects you are getting with the Omega Mats.
David Pritchard
Hi every one I've been following these ppt threads for a few months now (it took that long to read through them). 

It's such a interesting journey reading the threads as there have been many sceptics won over to trying these products and then converted into true believers. 

I'm going to be taking the plunge on a bundle soon from Tim.

Question for @grannyring as I have the tdai3400. A while back you mentioned having to remove an audio magic pulse rfi suppressor. I take it this was not a standard tdai3400 component but something you had previously experimented with ?
Correct, I added the Audio Magic tweak and then removed it.  I have the 2170,  not the 3400.  I think the 2170 is all most would need and perhaps sounds a tad more organic and musical.