Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
elizabeth ...

You don't know Steve's wife. She rocks out on both of the super nice systems Steve has put together. He's one of the lucky few. *lol* 

Now then, take my wife... PLEASE, take my wife. 

lmao Frank
The old ones are the best eh?

And no I did not mean your wife was old.......
Well I did tell my Mother what the Omega Mat and the Alpha card cost and she said she is worth it! And She most definitely is!
David Pritchard
No, I told her and I purchased a dozen of them. She loves the improved bass and dynamics on the TV system. as well as cleaner sound with greater depth of image. We enjoy season opera tickets and an occasional heavy metal recording of hers at home on the big audio system now that it has Omega E-Mats.
uberwaltz ... I’ve got a million of ’em. *lol*

My wife said that if I brought one more piece of stereo equipment home or one more LP, she’d leave me.

I kind of miss her sometimes ... :-)

And by the way ... I have a sub-panel in the master bedroom closet. I already had one E-Mat inside the panel door. I put another two mats in there for tonight's listening session. Wow! Another drop in noise ... and this one wasn't subtle at all. Amazing products coming out of PPT.