Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat

I’m curious about this product from Perfect Path Technologies and would like to hear from those that have experience with it. I’ve bought and used the Total Contact enhancer and like what it does for my system so I’m interested in hearing how this Omega E mat performs. 
Glad you have started treating the electrical panel with Total Contact. I do hope you will go ahead and treat every connection in the panel you can reach. The hot, neutral, and even the grounds all will benefit. This includes even the non audio circuits. It is a lot of connections to do but it is worth the effort! About 80 connections for my panel.
 Don't forget to find the connection to the main ground - this connection really does benefit from Total Contact.
David Pritchard
Concerning crossovers and Mat placement:
I did not have improvement on top of my 48 inch tall loudspeakers. I did put an Omega Mat inside the speaker cabinet so the crossover sits on the Mat. This was effective. I would put the smaller Alpha Cards as close to the crossover as possible.
David Pritchard
I have ordered some Alpha Cards. I am going to evaluate these location: on the modem- router, cell phone, main fuse box of the Honda Acord, and the incoming box where the telephone service enters the house.
I think this will be most interesting as the house and systems are already extensively treated.
David Pritchard
David ... 

Thanks for the tips on further pasting the circuit breakers. That's our intention when I get more TC. 

We pasted the circuit breaker box this past Friday afternoon. I got up really early this morning and fired up the system. The improvement overnight is astounding. We all know how treating with Total Contact improves over time. There's that four/eight-week thingie that happens. I just can't fathom how good it's going to be then.

@davidpritchard  My Honda Civic had a solid copper bus bar. Timmy was shocked with the quality of the fuse box. It was like a miniature home panel. They come completely apart.  He painted my fuse box with TC, so it'll be neat to see what a tiny Alpha card will do.  The newer Japanese cars are the same way, and are totally worth doing.

<3  <3  <3 Inside? I now have quite the collection of mats in my  Scion, and it's incredible. A rolling sound room. <3 LOL <3 <3 Enjoy! <3 Krissy