Perfect linestage for Quicksilver V4s or Triodes?

I'd be thankful for any recommendations of a great sounding linestage / preamp that is also a perfect synergetic match for Quicksilver Triode 6c33c-based monoblocs? I am using the Triodes but would think that good experience of matching with V4s or other similar Quickies is as applicable.

Quicksilver’s own linestage would seem obvious and is apparently a great buy, but I understand that there are finer linestages out there. Mine has to be up to and marry happily the Triodes and the Artemis PH-1 phonostage.

It has been a few years, but when I owned QS Monos I matched them with Audible Illusions 3A (it inclued a phonostage)and it was quite a good pairing - but I don't know that it would be any better than sticking with the QS preamp. What is your budget for a linestage?
I use Quicksilver's older Full Feature Preamp for analog. It includes an exellent phono stage, and was designed to pair with the very expensive Quicksilver 135 amp. I suggest the later models which used a single 5ar4 tube for rectification. ($500-800)
For a line stage alone, I was very happy with the Conrad-Johnson PFR, even though it was solid state. ($700-900)
Like most preamps, both have way too much gain, and so much better (quieter) results are achieved by adding resistance to the amplifier's input.
I also had an AI 3 , not the 3A, prior to the Quicksilver. The FFP was a big improvement.
Watch out for the Audible Illusions stuff. Haven't heard any of their pre-amps in a few years but they always sounded kinda cloudy and thick. Depending on what you want to spend, check out the Joule Electra LA150 (which, of course, is what I have so it's gotta be one of the best!).