Perfect Day to just Rock Out

I got home today from my son's ball game, played a little basket ball myself, felt so good I took out a bunch of 70s & 80s rock CDs and just cranked the volume up and let it all hang out. Brought out the '57 gold top Les Paul and just jammed to the music. The Talon Ravens can really rock out when called upon too. I will probably be deaf tomorrow!

Just having a bit of fun today & hope ya'll are too.

Happy Listening.
Funny, I pretty much did the same. Fianlly got my Esoteric DV-50 (on order for like 8 weeks!) and have been going through all my older CD's while getting acquanted with the player, and burning it in! The wife was out at a friends, so volume wasn't an issue!

Enjoy, or should I say ENJOY!!
I'm listening to some Buddy Guy at pretty high volumes right now. Life is good! (or to paraphrase Kenny, GOOD!) This is one fine hobby.
Just got new P/C's and speaker cables in the mail this morning. Gotta break 'em in, so it's tunes, tunes, and more tunes.
i hear ya!the canned heat cookbook was the album of the day over here & topped it off with pink floyd animals.