Perfect CD to test Equipment

I just purchased this CD "Drums & Bells" by nonoise recommendation and was blown away by the clarity and dynamics of the recording. I am using Chord Hugo Dac and it sounds better than my DSD and hi resolution files. Its only 16bit???. Has anyone else auditioned this recording? I want to thank nonoise for his recommendation. Anyone else that heard this CD has the same experience with other setups?
I wonder how it compares to the long time reference 

Sheffield Labs Drum Record 

but nobody seems to recall this reference from over 40 years ago 

I use original german polydoor classics box set Richter -- Well Tempered Clavier http://https//

Nothing challenges system as piano.

Percussion music such as New Jersey Percussion Ensemble's Percussion Music on Nonesuch.

Thanks for the recommendation.  I do have the Sheffield Labs Drum CD as well and I would agree that it was an excellent recording, but this CD is significantly more dynamic and has more resolution with more variety of percussion instruments.  
Sheffield Labs

anything from Chesky (CD or SACD).
Piano, sure, but I would start with the vocal. Vocal with piano together would be perfect to begin with.

The reason I don't use Chesky label is because its only good for sound testing while I need to listen to music even when I test sound. Chesky for me -- bunch of boring audiophile toons.

I can't find much of an interest for piano and vocal together. Some of the recordings of Gale Moran(Weather Report) and Chick Corea are great listening material, but I guess not too much you can sound test on those as they're not really challenging to system due to being compressed.

The CD I've mentioned will test the hell out of system in all possible ways with sufficient intensity throughout whole piano keyboard. Playing Bach piano sonatas requires even more challenge so HUGE credit to Richter who I value and admire as well as German releases on Polydor Classics digital disks (including digitally mastered vinyl).

Don't forget my Soundoctor Test CD - far and away the best setup device for audiophile systems; white noise tests for flawless speaker aiming and low freq instructions for CORRECTLY integrating subwoofer(s).
This Tonian Lab CD Drums & Bells is the most realistic percussion recording I have ever listened too,.

I have the popular recordings from Sheffield Labs, Chesky Records AIX Records ect and the very best percussion they have to offer , All of their percussion pieces are 2nd place to Tonian Labs Drums & Bells. None of them can touch the realistic dynamics and timbre of Drums & Bells ,.

i spoke with Tony Minasian recording engineer and owner of Tonian Labs what recording steps he used to capture the realism of his recording,.Tony replied nothing special though he did use a mic that he modified himself ,..Tony went on to say he owened more then $250,000 in microphones and he is about to release a Jazz cd very soon ,.
$20.00 for Drums & Bells would be one of the best audio purchases you can make ,.I urge you to listen for your self . 
Well I am not sure what kind of testing you would like to do. My test would be the best couple of CD's I own. Sit back and have a glass of Scotch and play those CD's. If you get restless, if you get anxious, if get board, if you find you are sitting on the front edge of you seat and nervous, then I would posit, the equipment is not right......for you.