Perceptions of Legacy Vs?

The Legacy V is the Aeris's new big brother. They are Legacy Audio's SOTA no holds barred contender. I believe several pairs are out for review, at least 10 pair delivered and sold, but haven't seen much press yet. I didn't hear much from this years Rocky Mountain either. Have any readers here auditioned or heard them yet? The Wavelet processor that controls the Vs is a DAC, preamp, DSP, and crossover and is quite unique. I've been scouring the forums and haven't seen much written yet. Just wondering what kind of impressions they've made.

I've heard them at Legacy and at a couple of shows and have been quite impressed. I'm also familiar with the Aeris' and Whispers which enjoy a great reputation.

It would be fun and interesting to hear other interested parties comments.
See my comments on other threads regarding what I heard from the V's on 3 different occasions.....