Peramp suggestions needed

Hi I am looking for a preamp for under $500 that would be replacing my Behringer 502. It is going to be driving my SCS Model 2150A amp. Any suggestions are welcome.
Just looking at whats on A'gon now I see 3 pres I've heard a lot and/or owned that sound good.
1. Belles Audio OCM 55 @ $399
2. Hafler DH 101 @ $125$
3. Hafler 945 tuner-preamp @ 179$

IMHO the best pres available that show up from time to time around 500$are Dynaco modded PAS 3 and Bottleneck Foreplays.
Thanks Schubert I would keep in mind your recommendations. I also keeping an eye on B&K Reference 30 and a Parasound 2100.
There have been many threads about pre-amps. Did you try to do a search? I think you'll find a wealth of material on the topic.
There are two nice ones listed here now!
Class'e 20 and Fort'e 40,I have owned both these brands and they are real nice!
Aronov LS 9000 with its asking price of $400 currently listed.
Very well built, attractive, and listenable high quality line stage tube preamp for lowest price I can recall seeing.
Competitive with Schubert's tube recommendations at start of this thread.
Yogiboy gave good recommendations, I would also keep an eye out for an old Sumo Preamp... The Athena and Athena II or surprisingly good, Same preamp, the Athena is a better buy than the II, should get one for around $250
Thanks for all the recommedations.