per audiogon : We are currently implementing site enhancements.....

what site enhancements were added ?

Everything works better than last weekend.
There's that.
Maybe posters of politically charged rants will be instantly struck down by lightning?
It looks the same.  A fuse upgrade maybe?

Looks like the fuse has been installed bass ackwards.
I see a "Add your response" next to number count of responses been added.
needed feature to be added;

under the "browse" button; add a selection with most recent to include most recent posts on Virtual Systems. Virtual System threads would rank by time with other threads for that selection.

this would give ’Virtual Systems’ a much needed boost and allow you to see where there is activity. or you can not select that and have it the same as now.

right now the only way to see posting activity on Virtual Systems is to scroll all the way down to the bottom.
were there actually improvements?

i read somewhere they let their url expire, thus the panic shutdown and restart

anyways glad it is back up
The ability to login to the site is the main updated feature.
URLs expire? I know it takes a court order, or the owner of the "site servers" to request a site removal. 

Is this the certificate?

In any case, seems to be working again.. Good news, in the midst of some trying times. RE; Al/Marg.

Maybe posters of politically charged rants will be instantly struck down by lightning?
That one had me looking up at the ceiling.
I think I noticed less wrinkles around the edges. I guess that Botox works after all.

All the best,

What every the cause was be glad Audiogon is back!  No need for clever quotes that infiltrate Audio Asylum or Audiokarma posts worshiping the Pioneer SX-1980 as the Holy Grail of amplification!!!
^^^^^ LOL!   What if I found my entire system in a dumpster,and it sounds better than any $100K system? 
If the enhancements aren't obvious to you then you have poor hearing and sensory awareness.  
I spent last night rereading old posts till 3:00 AM.  Many things that seemed obscure to me previously now seem totally lucid-almost revelatory!  Reading posts by people I couldn't stand before-now I feel an overwhelming sense of compassion and understanding towards them.  I can't wait for all these new enhancements to break in-going to be unbelievable!  
Gonna be another 2-300 hundred hours...