People That Have Upgraded From Harbeth 30.1s....

.... what speaker did you buy? 
@dhcod He’s got a new website which lists all of his current models!
@dromme, could you please elaborate in which way the Klipsch sounded better than the Harbeth's?

As the Harbeth's are so highly rated for their midrange and even handedness, I'm guessing you might have preferred the Klipsch for their dynamics. Or was there more to it?
The last time I looked the C7 is not the 30.1!
@d2girls Those Coherent speakers are intriguing.  I see there is a US dealer in Nashville, TN.  May be worth a visit next time I'm there.
To sure to list the Harbeth on another selling site.  Someone like me will find your new loving description of the Harbeths you intend to sell...not the comparison to the Klipsch...just a thought.