People That Have Upgraded From Harbeth 30.1s....

.... what speaker did you buy? 
I upgraded  from a Harbeth c7es3 to a Klipsch Kg 5.2 .After listening  to the Harbeth for 6 months , I dragged  my Klipsch out and compared them side by side , the Klipsch  by far sounded better

Now I need to sell my Harbeth
I think the Coherent Audio line is speakers is a distinct upgrade in sonics from Harbeth.

They offer a Tannoy-esque coaxial driver arrangement, with a horn loaded tweeter inside the woofer that offers up a sensitivity of 96db.

Tube amplification will mate better with this speaker than anything Harbeth makes. So if that’s  important to you, I think taking a closer look at the Coherent GR10 or GR12 is very important.

Oh, and they’re literally half the price of Harbeths!
Interesting. Looks like they only make the 8 now though.
@dhcod He’s got a new website which lists all of his current models!
@dromme, could you please elaborate in which way the Klipsch sounded better than the Harbeth's?

As the Harbeth's are so highly rated for their midrange and even handedness, I'm guessing you might have preferred the Klipsch for their dynamics. Or was there more to it?
The last time I looked the C7 is not the 30.1!
@d2girls Those Coherent speakers are intriguing.  I see there is a US dealer in Nashville, TN.  May be worth a visit next time I'm there.
To sure to list the Harbeth on another selling site.  Someone like me will find your new loving description of the Harbeths you intend to sell...not the comparison to the Klipsch...just a thought.
CD318    when does it not come down to personal  preference , I guess when you are needing a professional  system for specific  reasons , so in my case it is a personal preference of sound of "life " over   the Harbeth sound .BTW , I can make my  Klipsch sound  very much like my  Harbeth by placing  a towel or light blanket over the horn .It's similar in difference  between high humidity and dry climate .One suppresses you and the other lifts you up , inspires you .The Klipsch inspires me as does the Sedona  climate .I grew up in high humidity , I know the difference .

Yes , I read all the adjectives  placed on the Harbeth   which is one reason I bought them  .   When it comes to music , I need to go with emotions over mind  , after all , music is an emotion experience .
Please do not be offended by what I wrote , my Klipsch inspired my to write this as I am listening to them right now lol
Campy , thank you  and you're right  , I should think first and then write

I owned the  Harbeth M30.1 speakers and upgraded to Harbeth M40.2 and could not be happier.

I have owned many speakers over the years and finally found my home with Harbeth speakers.

 I really enjoyed the sound of the M30.1 and I was considering adding a sub to get closer to a full range sound. Decided to upgrade to the new M40.2 instead. Best move I ever made.


You are right about Harbeth C7 not being the same speaker as the M30.1. The C7 is probably the warmest sounding speaker in their line up.

Even though all of the Harbeth models have a similar house sound, each model can sound very different from each other.

Just now sold the pair  via CL   for $2500 , what I paid for them .
In the future , I can see having a pair of the 40.1 
, as long as I can sell them for the same price as I purchased them for

“BTW , I can make my Klipsch sound very much like my Harbeth by placing a towel or light blanket over the horn .”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you prefer 25 year old Klipsch speakers covered with a blanket or towel then more power to you. What kind of gear are you using to drive your Klipsch speakers? What gear were you using to drive the Harbeths?

For me and my ears, I would prefer Harbeth anything to Klipsch anything.
lol ,   well , okay , then
I owned the M30.1's for 6 years and sold them after comparing to the similar sized ATC SCM19 mk2.

The ATC has a more neutral and dynamic type of sound, while still having wonderfully natural mids and highs. The SCM19's bass range is significantly more taut and punchy and - while the specs don't indicate it - reached lower in my room. Sounds more tuneful in the lows too, probably due to the sealed loading vs the ported cabinet of the 30.1's. The ATC sounds much more comfortable with bass driven music and at high SPL's too if that is your thing. They don't give up anything with vocals or acoustic music, though a less plush sound than the Harbeths. 
Both very nice speakers, but I prefer the SCM19 by a significant margin.

Worth noting that while the SCM19 has similar sensitivity specs to the 30.1 it sounds (to me) about 3dB less sensitive. Where a 50W amp might be fine with m30.1, 100W plus would be preferable with the 19's. 
@dromme, thanks for telling us why you upgraded from the Harbeth's. Nothing to be offended by at all, as an (ex) owner you would be in a perfect place to know so I am grateful for your reply.

Horns do tend to still split opinions amongst certain audiophiles, but Klipsch speakers though still rare in the UK, were once an important part of audio history over the pond. 

In any case I'm pretty sure that Harbeth, with it's BBC heritage, wouldn't claim to be the loudspeaker for where high energy and dynamics are required such as for Punk or Metal etc.

Therefore it's reasonable to assume that alternative brands like Klipsch (or ATC, JBL, PMC etc) might be preferred by fans of the Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Metallica, System of a Down etc. 

Unfortunately as no speaker is without flaws, its still a question of choosing which compromises you can best live with. Upgrades are often just a case of shifting preferences as I can testify having been through at least 8 'upgrades' over the last 30 years.

@cd318 I can’t help but think you’re being a bit condescending when you infer that it might only be ’Punk or Metal etc.’ listeners who prefer say ATC to Harbeth. These are hardly genres known for their dynamics either.
For the record, a very large proportion of my listening is to acoustic/vocal dominated music - genres that the ATC Scm19’s excel at.
To me they are simply a more neutral, evenhanded speaker than the Harbeth m30.1 - which was a speaker I enjoyed for many years (in fact I’ve owned 3 different Harbeth models over a 12 year period).

I became infatuated with the idea of owning a Harbeth speaker for a while.  I auditioned the 30s but ended up buying a pair of SuperHL5 plus as I felt they were a step up in every way - airiness, neutrality, bass depth and control, realism.
Thought maybe I could replace my Thiel 3.7s with them but no.  I found in comparing them the Thiels did just about everything better than the Harbeths.  They had the beautiful tone, but were just less boxy, cleaner and more realistic, without sounding thin.  So I sold the Harbeths.  Great speakers to be sure though!
tobesI  I considered responding to   the music choices  the OP mentioned but decided not to as it did not matter
Punk & Metal ? lol  is kind of funny

Thanks Tobes. Really appreciate your response. We actually have an ATC dealer close by and I think he's also a Harbeth dealer now that I think about it. Definite plan for this Saturday!
@dhcod I'll be interested to read your thoughts on the comparison.
The dealer where I bought my ATC's also sells Harbeth, perhaps that's evidence that different types of listeners gravitate to one or the other, though as indicated I like both.

I do wish I'd listened to the ATC's sooner as their strengths do align better with my wide ranging taste in music. While auditioning the 19's I also briefly heard the m40.2's set up in the same room, that just convinced me the ATC's were the right move.
I’m very interested in these British loudspeakers because I listen mainly classical and early music, but I’ve been said that they need muscled amps for exponing  their best qualities and also need to be played quite loud.
I can’t listen very loud and my Analysis Audio permit me to hear a great deal of details at relatively low level spl.
Do some have experience on that with these speakers ?
If you listen at low levels and to classical/early music then I would recommend Harbeth as highly suitable.
The Harbeths are also relatively easy to drive - even a good 25W amp can sound excellent, but more watts would be better with dynamic classical progam.
@prof, your comments re the SLH5+ are very interesting given that their designer Alan Shaw had revealed a while back that he felt it was time to open up the sound a little bit more with the new model to be more in line with modern musical tastes. Those Thiel 3.7s of yours sound like they are wonderful loudspeakers.

Surprising also that a number of comments have mentioned alternate speakers that they found to be more neutral than the Harbeths. With their BBC heritage behind them Harbeth have prided themselves on the almost self effacing neutrality of their sound, (especially through their ruler flat midrange) majoring on vocals.

I guess we can conclude that things are very competitive in this sector. With all this in mind it will be interesting to hear what @dhcod makes of it.


I do find the SLH5+ to be quite neutral sounding to my ear.  By that I mostly mean sounding smooth, without obvious frequency deviations, that kind of thing.  I did find the smaller 30s, though seductive,  to be just a bit too rolled off and darkish in tone for my own long term enjoyment. 

I really do enjoy the lushness of the Harbeth midrange, where so many speakers tend to sound too thin to my errs. As you know the Harbeths of of the thin-wall cabinet design, tuning the cabinet to allow for vibrations but in a way that are supposed to be invisible to the ear.

I think they are remarkably competent in that regard. Just given their looks and construction the actual lack of boxy sound is impressive.

That said, it seems to me the brute-force school of cabinet making, where cabinets are made to be as inert as possible, seem to ultimately hold the day in terms of achieving more realistic sound in most regards.At least in the case of the Thiels. Though they are not made of aluminum or granite, the overriding design of the Thiel cabinet is to be inert and not sing with the music. And I heard those benefits when comparing the Harbeth and Thiel 3.7. With the Harbeth there was a sense of the sound sort of filling all the space in between the instruments, almost as if the space/reverb between the instruments itself had density and was tactile.

On the Thiels, the tone was just as organic (though not as perfectly soft and organic with voices as with the Harbeth), but the sound seemed to clear up in and around the instruments, as if a spurious form of "ringing" had been removed and all the energy cleaned and organized to come only from where it was coming, the instrument itself.

So for instance, playing a classical guitar quartet, the guitars became less produced by a speaker, more cleaned up, organized, precise, free of the speakers, and just sounding less "of a speaker" than and more like real guitars playing in free space. More believable.

The Harbeths certainly got the tone and gestalt right of the guitars, but the Thiels got the tone, gestalt right and also moved the sound towards greater realism and accuracy.  If the Thiels had sounded "boringly accurate" with a bleached tone, I’d never own them, but they really are fantastic at portraying an organically correct sounding timbre on voices and instruments.  So I found the Super5HL+ with it's more neutral extended presentation to actually sound fairly similar to the Thiels, but I found the Thiels actually took that sound further down the road in believability of timbre, realism.

But for capturing something essential about the roundness, softness and humanness of the human voice, the Harbeths are almost peerless. Until recently a store near me sold Harbeths and when I’d stop in to buy vinyl inevitably a Harbeth model would be playing. Every time I would be seduced by the sound and want to just sit and listen. If I could I’d own them too, but I already have too many speakers on the go.

Great post @prof and I recognise many similarities with my Harbeth vs ATC comparison.

I upgraded from 30.1's to Harbeth 40.1's and absolutely love them.  I want to get 40.2's but I can't justify the cost when the 40.1's are so perfect.  
I've been hoping for a reasonable priced used 40.1 to pop up. My wife hasn't :)