People come together during hard times

I just want to thank all the people who responded to my words from my first post on this forum. It certainly means a lot to know people care and want to see you do well after a difficult situation. Any other input is welcome and it seems like those of you who had tough times of your own eventually came away in a better state. Thanks again, Jessie91
At 51 I am convinced that for the most part, music lovers and musicians are good, kind, generous and caring folks. I am suspicious of people who tell me they don't like music. Fortunately, I meet very few. And there can be a great amount of personal satisfaction in caring for and helping another who is going through a hard or difficult time.
good luck jesse....remember, this audio thing is nothing more than george carlin would tell you...the redistribution of stuff...hope your family pulls though this. good luck
I am at 51 years of age also.Been playing music semi pro for along time,its kinda helping me through my situation.In the heat of family relationships wife,girlfreind,kids it all can be takin for grated that they will always be there.In the circle of life it really makes you think of how it can easily be takin away from you.It also makes you gratefull for the blessings,thanks jesse91 good post bro.
I agree that was a great post, I couldnt really add anything of value that others smarter than I had already posted but I am a multiple benefactor of the kindness of friends and family due to illness, I admire your commitment and caring nature.