Penaudio Serenade

I'm thinking about buying a pair of Penaudio Serenade speakers and would like to get feedback from onwers and people that have heard them.Also,for the owners of them what amp and preamp are you using with them.Thanks
A member who is a now a friend happens to own the Penaudio Serenade's.He is out of town but I will inform him of your inquiry when he returns.I can tell you he loves the speakers.
Myself,if I could afford them I would buy them.In fact I have been trying to talk him into selling me his pair.They are fairly easy to place and have a very small footprint.They are Dynamic and have finesse.He uses a SET amp to drive them.We tried them with my 45 Watt P/P tubed amp and I liked them so much I wanted to order a pair right there and then.
He also has great confidence in the distributor.
I say Thumps Up to this speaker