Penaudio Cenya monitors

Really interested in this monitor. Anyone willing to share listening/ownership experience insights would be appreciated. My musical tastes run mostly acoustic from celtic to jazz. I run Sugden source and amplification. Thanks.
The speakers are just shipping to the US. They are very natural and detailed offering big and controlled bass. They sound equally good with tubes as well as solid state.
Cenya is great. I have tested it for the greek audio magazin Sound & Vision. Unfortunately I caused a minor injury at the up right back corner and was forced to buy it. I would keep it but had no intension to buy speakers. So I sell it at a special price far below 2.995 euros, which is the normal price in Europe. If interested, please let me know.
Spysag, if you PM me the details and photos of the damage... I'll happily consider their purchase.
Greetings all,

We just posted our review online at the link below. We have the Cenya monitors in stock in several cabinet finish options. E-mail or call us if you would like to set up an appt. for audition or if you just wish to purchase.

Burt @ Seattle Hi-Fi
Hmm....Audiogon blocked the link. You can find the review on our "lastest news" section at Seattlehifi dot com
The link works fine on my system.
celtic66, Doug, please get back to me thanks