I need a pair of very large output transformers for a 165 watt push-pull tube amplifiers......These transformers need to have insulation for 1000 volts, Primary of 6.5 K, A special output winding at 4 ohms for feed-back......And be of at least peer-less quality........Probably around 15 pounds...........Anybody know anybody that has that or can build it ???    THANKS 

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@autospec  I am very interested to hear your findings and know your opinion of these Edcor transformers.  I have a pair of Altec 1570Bs.  One has the original transformer and the other does not.  The replacement tranny in the one sounds fine, but it is going to melt if I run the amp beyond said transformer's 100W rating.  Thanks!!
@autospec, apologies for my late reply, I didn't have email notifications set correctly and got slammed with work, I will dig your number out of your listings to discuss the spare transformer. Thanks!   -Sam