peak current

sansui 8080db. what is the peak current[amps]. can i use this receiver as a power amp? can i bridge it down to a monoblock?
This thing was built before the manipulation of Ohm's law led to the need/want to list a current spec.Dead giveaway that it's probably a honest amp : 1.) age 2.)big heavy transformer 3.) substantial heat sinks for output transistors.
Not bridgeable.
If it has main in jacks - can be used as power amp.Consider a few things : 1.) Electrolytic caps are old and probably pretty marginal at best.If you could replace them all with identical electrical value parts - this would be a good idea.2.) Be careful - if you do anything really bad/stupid at either the input or output of this amp it will blow up - protection is minimal and not particularly effective.Be nice!