Peak Consult Dragon. Anyone???????

Hi all,

I was curious if someone has ever listened to the Peak Consult Dragon speaker. Believe the driver they use are from Audio Technology and are similar to the Rockport drivers.
Was curious if anyone that has experience with them can share how they sound and if they are a bit similar to another brand?

Are they as good and is the price justified?

Appreciate your feedback.
I heard a pair of similar size Peak Consult speaks running on new Luxman amplification about a year back at a high end dealer in Manhattan. May not have been Dragons.

I recall the sound being so different that I did not know what to make of it. Maybe something was not set up right or maybe these speaks just have a unique timbre by design.

The high end was uniquely bright and detailed to an extent where recordings I thought I was familiar with sounded totally different than I had ever heard before, but the bass was muddy and the mid range sounded totally lifeless to me. Everything just seemed wrong, or perhaps just a lot different, more so than most any other "high end" system I recall hearing.

The sound did not draw me in and my time listening was limited, so perhaps I did not give them much of a chance.

What I heard was totally unique and distinctive, just not sure if it was good or bad though.
Never heard the big peaks and but have a pair of empress. FWIW with some low powered tubes or wrong SS amplification (I tried Dartzeel) the bass can definitely sound muddy.

However lifeless mid range for me is new as in my opinion that is presicely the area where these speakers shine.

I myself bought them primarily for this strength as I am a vocals freak :-)

However I have not paired my speakers with too many amps and have not listened to too many speakers either so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

All the best.
I mainly recall the Peaks as having a uniquely revealing top end and muddy low and an overall timbre correspondingly unlike any other speak like it I have heard.

I think it was running on moderate power Luxman tube gear...maybe not a good choice. There were other noticeable setup problems in this room at the very high end dealer as well, so I took what I heard with a grain of salt.
My impressions of the Peak Consults mirror Mapman's almost identically.
These ones were also driven by valves (dozens of 300Bs).
May just not be a good match?
Incidentally, my friend who has the Peak Consults previously had the Rockports and yes.........there is a definite similarity in sound presentation. One that as Mapman describes, seems unlike the majority of other speakers and not to my tastes.

I'm a very happy Peak Consult owner.

I have not heard the Dragon model, but both Typhoeus and the brand new Kepheus, both from the Serenity series as the Dragon. Obviously, the connected equipment has to match the speakers, and a Peak Consult speaker deserves the best. A speaker in the Serenity series deserves, in my opinion, a fast amplifier and then the speaker will perform with an incredibly good sound! I have heard from several persons, that the perfect amplifier to the Dragon model is a KR Kronzilla or Vitus SM-101.

Speakers in the Serenity series, can also be ordered in a special Momentum version, and that include better drivers and crossover.
Big speaker? The name's not as flash but the new Dynaudio Consequence is one incredible listen, taking out the Rig of the Show at the Warsaw Hi-Fi Show early November 2009 for my ears. If you are in the market for such a big speaker these Dynaudios need to be listened to. They strike as unusual in appearance initially, what would they be, a 6-way crossover?, but they certainly achieved a very (very) high standard sound. Very impressive. I have liked the former-style Peak Consult Incognito when they were stand-mounted monitors. They were a very good speaker. If I wasn't looking for a full-range pair at the time I would have taken them, but no more stands for Davey!
New version of Peak Consult The Dragon Legend
Peak Consult Kepheus Momentum