Peachtree Reliability issues?

I'm curious if any of you have had reliability issues with peachtree products. Awhile back I was considering buying an idac but didn't because I read that people were having problems with them breaking. My brother bought a nova pre and the dac on it broke the second day he had it. He had another one sent to him five days later, he has had that one for a week, and now he is having the same problem; broken dac. Have you guys had similar problems with peachtree products? Dacs in particular?
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the usb input on my decco lasted one day. i got around this by buying a usb spdif convertor for about the price of shipping the unit back so i did not mind. then the relay to turn the amp section on sticks open once in a while and i have to turn the unit on and off a few time.. peachtree offered a r.a. but i decided not to pay the high shipping costs. other than that the unit has been in constant use for 5 years and sounds pretty good as my "b team" system. my optical and coax dac function is fine. good luck....john
My iDecco stopped playing music an hour after I received it. I opened it up, saw a burnt out fuse, replaced it, and it has been playing non-stop for 4 years now.
If you search previous posts about Peachtree, you will find talk about reliablity issues. A friend of mine is on his 3rd Decco. He loves the sound but hates the fact he knows it probably will not last... The dealer that sold it to him no longer recommends because of the "astronomical rate of return due to quaility control issues." I have heard Peachtree has good customer service and will take care of things, but is it really worth it?