Peachtree Reliability issues?

I'm curious if any of you have had reliability issues with peachtree products. Awhile back I was considering buying an idac but didn't because I read that people were having problems with them breaking. My brother bought a nova pre and the dac on it broke the second day he had it. He had another one sent to him five days later, he has had that one for a week, and now he is having the same problem; broken dac. Have you guys had similar problems with peachtree products? Dacs in particular?
the usb input on my decco lasted one day. i got around this by buying a usb spdif convertor for about the price of shipping the unit back so i did not mind. then the relay to turn the amp section on sticks open once in a while and i have to turn the unit on and off a few time.. peachtree offered a r.a. but i decided not to pay the high shipping costs. other than that the unit has been in constant use for 5 years and sounds pretty good as my "b team" system. my optical and coax dac function is fine. good luck....john
My iDecco stopped playing music an hour after I received it. I opened it up, saw a burnt out fuse, replaced it, and it has been playing non-stop for 4 years now.
If you search previous posts about Peachtree, you will find talk about reliablity issues. A friend of mine is on his 3rd Decco. He loves the sound but hates the fact he knows it probably will not last... The dealer that sold it to him no longer recommends because of the "astronomical rate of return due to quaility control issues." I have heard Peachtree has good customer service and will take care of things, but is it really worth it?
I had an iDac for about 5 years without a single issue.  

I have also written them regarding their Deepblue models - I have both versions - and they always respond in a professional and courteous manner.   

I can can say the same for Astell & Kern. 

I can't say that about my recent experience with McIntosh which has really put me off on the brand.  
After living with a Nova Pre and 220 amp for quite some time (it is gone now) and can say that it was actually a pretty good sounding combo and I didn't have any more reliability issues.  My only complaint now is the crappy plastic remote and the volume knob had a cheap feel and poor modulation (?) / volume control at quieter levels.  I thought the dac sounded great, and the amp had alot of power but was a little dry and lifeless, but the dac added some sparkle so...

Just bought a Nova 220se refurb direct from Peachtree at a darn good price compared to factory new.  Just for the record I also spoke with them about putting a DAC in the Deepblue...

The db sounds okay when I play my iPod through it, but when I play my Astell & Kern AK100 through it...wowzers. They'd be smart to include a DAC in the next generation - even at a higher price I'd be the first one to buy it.  I use the DB during parties outside and I find the best sound comes when it's played fairly loud around 10 feet away. 
oblgny, I purchased the very same last week. It's been pretty good so far. What speakers will you be driving with the 220se?
I had an original nova with a noisy volume motor that was fixed and back on my doorstep within days. The techs were very professional during my correspondance and even offered to give me a new case at a deep discount for my troubles. Apperantly this was a common issue with those original novas. Let us know how the 220se sounds as I'm tempted to get one myself.

I'm enjoying the 220se so far. It's paired with a pair of B&W CM9S2 speakers via a pair of Signalcable ultra cables. Streaming Spotify via my TV to the 220se's DAC via a generic optical cable, or tidal & FLAC files via USB from my macbook pro.

Observations so far- 
1. The tube - when on - makes for a warmer more rounded sound. I actually prefer it off for 90% of the songs. On a few songs, it actually helped tighten the bass notes a bit  and make them fuller.
2. Low quality audio is easily discernible as such. Huge differences between spotify and tidal premium and lossless FLAC files.
3. The 220se is HUGELY powerful. I mean, I've only ever gone upto a quarter of a turn on the vol knob and it's plenty to make the B&Ws sing. On most occasions, it's only a bit above 'zero' volume. 
4. Most of the songs I hear... I like. But... I still feel something missing. There's a certain musicality and clarity that my prev int amp - the Naim Unitilite - had. I miss the Naim sound. At 4 times the price of a refurb-ed 220se, I'm content with the 220se (for now). Is the Naim sound worth 4 times the $? For me, yes. Overall, the 220se is warmer than the Naim, has better bass and midtones than the Naim.

Also, it looks gorgeous.
Rsangole, thats how I felt about the Nova pre / 220 combo.  Great sound but missing some life. I wonder if its due to the class D amp.  Its intersting that an amp / pre / dac can sound good, have good power, have good extension and clarity yet be "missing something", and that something is life / soul.  I suppose one day I'll be listening to vinyl on tubes asking muself how I listened to lifeless digital.
I'll be listening through an ARC LS3 preamplifier and Thiel CS3.5 loudspeakers.  

From what I've seen on Peachtree's site it appears the 220se is being discontinued, being replaced by the Sona amp?  The Sona's specs are a tad lower in terms of output. 
I received my factory refurbished Peachtree 220se the other day and it was dead on arrival.  I hooked it up and it simply remained in standby mode, no other input would respond.  A brick.

I sent my email explaining my plight,  and Peachtree's immediate responses,  that's right,  plural responses,  sent by two different people for the same situation,  resolved it in an instant.

Their offer was not only quickly tendered,  it exceeded my expectations.

Mind you,  this was for a factory refurbished piece.

Kudos to them for outstanding customer service.  A rarity in any business these days.

Good to know about the customer service, oblgyn.

I'm going to try out the 220SE with a bluesound node and a lifatec silflex toslink. Hopefully it will impress me more...
So an update...

After lots of trial with different sources (direct USB, digital audio from the TV, digital audio from a Bluesound Node streamer) (Spotify, TIDAL, FLAC files etc), two TOSLINK cables... I just couldn't live with the 220SE. I so wanted to love it. But, it was just missing life and soul.

I returned the 220SE and purchased a new Naim Unitilite. It got delivered today. And my god... what a difference. Some of the tracks I listen to gave me goosebumps.

I am going to bed a very happy man.
Sorry to revive an old thread, I just received a Nova 300 that was purchased used, the first thing I noticed was that it turns on like no other amp I have ever owned. When powering on,  6 or 7 clicks in rapid succession is heard rather than the short pause then 1 click that I'm used to. Is this normal? Other than that the unit seems to sound and perform normally.
YES normal, that is the Switch Mode Power Supply booting up,welcome to digital amplification..
A switch mode supply should not click 6 or 7 times. That's a system thing. Normal? ... Hope not. Sounds like bad design.
@oldgzzrr, how is that volume control on your peachtree?  That was always a complaint of mine with peachtree gear.  The volume could not be controlled in small increments with the remote control...

This new peachtree stuff, all of it where they ditched that gimmicky tube buffer, is made in canada and not china.  I’d like to hear the 300 in my system.

On a side note, I hope that’s geezer, not, well, sound it out!
i've an original Nova for 11yrs no problem, other than the remote seems to need some spanking to wake up. I've also a NovaPre, zero issue in the last 4-5 years.