Peachtree Nova220SE vs newer Nova300

Hi Everyone,

    I've been using a NuPrime IDA-8 driving a pair of B&W805S and Kudos C2.  Both speakers could appreciate more high current.  I suspect NuPrime's slim design doesn't allow bigger capacitors like the bigger boxier integrated amps. When I lug in a 55lb B&K 440EX from local store, the mid-range woofer movement is clearly visual with about 15% sonic improvement.  Therefore, arming with my theory, I've been eyeing Peachtree/Parasound and a few other brand's integrated as I mostly play 24/192 digital music from laptop.

   I missed a recent opportunity to grab a Nova300 but I notice some older Nova220SE on the market.  I'm wondering if anyone could give me input on the real life performance delta.  Ultimately I'm hoping to upgrade to two better integrated amp for each of my speaker pairs.

Also my NuPrime IDA-8 is only 4 months old (with receipt), anyone interested making an offer please hit me up.