Peachtree nova150 phono stage quality?

How does the phono stage in the nova150 compare to something in the range of a Lounge Audio LCR MKIII w/silver or Parks Audio Budgie? I’m setting up a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB turntable w/Ortofon 2M Blue and want to use the nova’s phono stage for simplicity if I’m not giving up much in quality for the range of table/cartridge I have. I may upgrade the Esprit to a Bronze as I have an extra in my stash. Phono cable is a Zu Audio Mission and RCA to the nova if needed is a DH Labs Air Matrix.

Thanks for any input.
I'd stick to the one in the Peachtree, I have not personally heard one but reviewer say its quite a good one. Upgrading the cart is IMO a better move. 

 I'm not familiar with Lounge audio may i ask why your considering that particular phono stage? 

For Budget phono stages I like the ifi iphono2, black cube. 

Hell I bet the Schiit audio phono stage at $150 is great for the money. 
Thanks for the reply,

I have multiple systems in my house and have some extra stuff I was thinking of repurposing here. I already have the Lounge and Budgie in my stash that I haven’t sold yet. I also have a JC3 Jr. that I’m using in another room with a Denon DP-60L w/Ortofon 2M Bronze. I think I’m going to sell the Pro-Ject and move the DP-60L into this room and then upgrade to something like a 1200GR in that room. I like the idea of keeping things simple in the setup in question here if I can and not sacrifice sound quality. Along with the nova150, and now DP-60L, I have a Bluesound Node 2i. My speakers are KEF 104/2s w/KUBE and rca cables are DH Labs Air Matrix and a Kimber D60 coax. I might use my Audio Sensibility Impact SE phono cable from the other room over the Zu Mission as well.

Oh I wish i had another room to play with your lucky. Also looks like you have enough equipment to fill both spaces nicely. I have also been looking at the 1200g