Peachtree Nova Preamp/Peachtree 200 power amp

Hello group,
I'm in the process of upgrading my system; need your input on Peachtree, which has been getting some good reviews.

I want to replace my older Arcam Alpha 9 amplifiers, which I have bi-amping with my B&W 805 Nautilus speakers. At 70 wpc, the Alphas have done a fine job, but I don't think they're giving me the most out of my speakers.

Hence, the urge to upgrade. I'm looking for more power - not that I listen at loud levels (I'm a classical/jazz/class rock guy; primarily classical and jazz), but I want to get more headroom, more detail out of what I'm hearing.

Thus, the search.

I have heard proven results bi-amping; I would like to do that with my next system.

My audio dealer is recommending an Anthem 225 integrated; I would pair that with Anthem's MCA 20 amplifier.

Then comes Peachtree.

Something about it: the ability for real separates at an affordable price; I'm thinking of the Nova Pre, paired with two 220 amps. I've heard some very positive buzz about this company and their offerings.

Looking for your opinions on the Anthem...and the Peachtree. Who do you like better? Am I going in the right direction? I'm open to any and all input.

As always, thanks for your time,