Peachtree Nova Pre vs. Modwright SWL 9.0 SE

I am currently using the Modwright SWL 9.0 SE and love it. The problem for me is that with 2 small kids in the house I rarely get to enjoy it at decent listening levels. That has got me looking for a headphone amp, but this means another box, power supply, interconnect, etc. Wondering if anybody has any experience with the new Nova Pre from Peachtree. I have previously owned Peachtree products and I enjoyed them, but the Modwright has been a huge step up IMO. If the new Nova Pre is close to the Modwright in the preamp section, the one box solution may make sense for me. Any advice?
I see no answers yet. I also love the Mod and wouldn't get rid of it. Depending on how much you want to spend I have several headphone amps and that may be the best way. You can have your cake and eat it too.
Thanks for the response. I have considered a separate headphone amp, but would like to keep the cost down. The other issue I have is that my DAC is the HRT Streamer II and it has only (1) output, so I need a new DAC or have to continuously disconnect the Streamer. What headphone amps in the below $500 range do you or could you recommend?
What about an amp/dac combo? Which headphone model you have?
Jim Nicholls just built me a combo headphone-speaker amp at 15 w per channel. Price: $625.
singleended, I have not yet purchased headphones, so I am just getting started. A headphone amp/ DAC combo has crossed my mind, but I am reluctant because it seems like DAC technology changes quickly, and I like the idea of being able to upgrade individual components. Do you have any suggestions below $500 that combine both and offer at least 24/96 through USB? Thanks.
Sabocat59. I am happy with my current amplifiers, so don't really need a new amp. Does Jim build a standalone headphone amp, and if so how do I reach him? Is yours tube or SS? Thanks.
It doesn't have a source-switching remote, but a number of people recommended the Melos SHA-Gold as one of the best imaging pre-amps available, and it has a (supposedly great) headphone amp built in. Haven't heard it myself though...

There's one available right now for $800:
thanks for the responses, i have decided to stay with the Modwright and add a headphone amp in the future.
I worked up from the Little Dot (Chinese, ebay) to a Antique Sound Labs tube (demo directly from the company) and then built a Bottlehead tubed headphone amp. The Little Dot series are cheap but still well made. Your choice of amp will depend greatly on your headphones. I think you are wise to run from the Modwright to a separate headphone amp. In the long run you can use the amp with any system and tailor it to the phones you use at the time. Remember to have fun at it. Used amps are a bargain and can be sold at any time. Do you have a price range?
According to most, my headphones (Grado sr225) don't need a headphone amp due to low impedence, but when I purchased them used, the previous owner thought that a DAC would be beneficial since most of my music is coming from my computer. I only listen to about 10% of my music through the headphones, so it hasn't been a big priority, but trying to stay below $250 for my first go at it.