Peachtree Nova 300

Interesting review.  Check out the video at the bottom.  Hilarious!  This reviewer calls it the best amp on the market.  While I like Peachtree, a lot actually and I feel their products punch above their weight for sure, this reviewer may only have limited experience and in a limited price range.
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Anybody do the upgrade from a Nova150 or Nova300 to the Nova500. There is a special price continuing this month for the upgrade. I have a Nova150 and it is $2K to get to the Nova500. Not sure if I should do it.
I have had a Nova 150 for quite some time now.   Running Tidal and Amazon music from IPad via a USB to lightning Audioquest Cinnamon cable.  Sounds nice thru my Egglestonworks Fontaine speakers.  They are not that efficient (87) so I decided to purchase the Nova 500Amp and use my 150 just as DAC/Preamp.  Hoping the extra watts will help my speakers light up at a much lower volume level.  Low level listening is important to me and I like to hear the details and nuances without having to turn the volume up that far.  Will let you know after I receive it and integrate it in for a bit how it is.  Joyous Listening....
Followed this thread to this point. Anyone use the PT 300 or 500 with Sonus Faber speakers, specifically the Olympica IIIs?
I’ve got these speakers currently in a 7.2 system (Marantz 7705 with Marantz M8077 amp), but want to dedicate to a proper 2 channel listening experience. Integrated preferably, and with a Home theater bypass capability.
Suggestions welcomed...