Peachtree Nova 300

Interesting review.  Check out the video at the bottom.  Hilarious!  This reviewer calls it the best amp on the market.  While I like Peachtree, a lot actually and I feel their products punch above their weight for sure, this reviewer may only have limited experience and in a limited price range.
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Peachtree is a great UNIT for what I am using it for.
Yesterday I got a used Peachtree Nova 150 to power my office KEF LS50's. I sold my Benchmark DAC2 HGC (did not want to do that) and a Parasound A23 amp. Since I made more on the sale than the cost of the Peachtree I thought it was something to pursue. I am eventually going to move this setup to a bedroom so the 1 piece setup is ideal.

After about 6 hours of continuous playback today I am extremely happy with the sound of the Peachtree. The reviews on the LS50 and 150 combo are spot on. Just a beautiful sounding system.

The Benchmark DAC2 sounded best with my long gone Bryston 4B-SST but the Peachtree 150 is no slouch and actually sounds a little smoother than with the old Bryston. The Parasound A23 was also smooth on top but lacks the details of the Peachtree.

Peachtree is a great until for what I am using it for.

Anybody do the upgrade from a Nova150 or Nova300 to the Nova500. There is a special price continuing this month for the upgrade. I have a Nova150 and it is $2K to get to the Nova500. Not sure if I should do it.