Peachtree Nova 300

Interesting review.  Check out the video at the bottom.  Hilarious!  This reviewer calls it the best amp on the market.  While I like Peachtree, a lot actually and I feel their products punch above their weight for sure, this reviewer may only have limited experience and in a limited price range.
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Not only that but if you read down to the sound portion, "It's a G-damn monster" according to this clown. "REALLY"

So sick of reading so called professional reviews they just think that everything is the greatest and your a fool if you don't rush out and buy everything they recommend down to the tubes,cables,footers or other items.

Peachtree makes decent gear but I 'm not going to buy any.

This is hopefully the last review I will ever read.

I saw that review and had to chuckle. These blog reviewers are the same guys who tell you the $85.00 Parts Express amp holds its own with the big boys. 

With that said, I am considering the NOVA 300. Stereophile did not really warm up to it during it's review. 

I am so wishy washy...tubes one day...solid state....integrated...etc . I guess I don't know what I want
I actually started with a Peachtree Nova 150 for flexibility and cost just getting started in audio again without a large investment. Recently added a set of tube mono blocks and sound amazing. Next going to upgrade the phono section to something that can handle MC as well. So basically now just going to be using the Nova for the preamp and dac. Actually working out pretty good as I slowly save the funds for the right items that I want. 
Yesterday I got a used Peachtree Nova 150 to power my office KEF LS50's. I sold my Benchmark DAC2 HGC (did not want to do that) and a Parasound A23 amp. Since I made more on the sale than the cost of the Peachtree I thought it was something to pursue. I am eventually going to move this setup to a bedroom so the 1 piece setup is ideal.

After about 6 hours of continuous playback today I am extremely happy with the sound of the Peachtree. The reviews on the LS50 and 150 combo are spot on. Just a beautiful sounding system.

The Benchmark DAC2 sounded best with my long gone Bryston 4B-SST but the Peachtree 150 is no slouch and actually sounds a little smoother than with the old Bryston. The Parasound A23 was also smooth on top but lacks the details of the Peachtree.

Peachtree is a great until for what I am using it for.

Peachtree is a great UNIT for what I am using it for.
I have had the Peachtree Nova 300 for a couple weeks and I love the function and sound of the unit. Perfect for my bedroom.