Peachtree Nova 300

Interesting review.  Check out the video at the bottom.  Hilarious!  This reviewer calls it the best amp on the market.  While I like Peachtree, a lot actually and I feel their products punch above their weight for sure, this reviewer may only have limited experience and in a limited price range.
Not only that but if you read down to the sound portion, "It's a G-damn monster" according to this clown. "REALLY"

So sick of reading so called professional reviews they just think that everything is the greatest and your a fool if you don't rush out and buy everything they recommend down to the tubes,cables,footers or other items.

Peachtree makes decent gear but I 'm not going to buy any.

This is hopefully the last review I will ever read.

I saw that review and had to chuckle. These blog reviewers are the same guys who tell you the $85.00 Parts Express amp holds its own with the big boys. 

With that said, I am considering the NOVA 300. Stereophile did not really warm up to it during it's review. 

I am so wishy washy...tubes one day...solid state....integrated...etc . I guess I don't know what I want