Peachtree Nova 150

My pop passed recently; I just finishing the restoration of a pair of Phase Tech pc60's he bought me when i was 18.-replaced w the original drivers for the satellites and the sub. Lugged em thru college, five kids, etc. 

I am looking for a nice amp to drive them. Guy on craigslist has the peachtree nova 150 for 750, looks like a good option (and thats about my upper limit, i know, not a lot...)  but i wanted to know what else in the ss department might be considered for around this amount. I dont know what's good/whats "out there" these days. Thanks for your help listers. Always liked NAD, peachtree looks like a nice upgrade. . 


The Peachtree should be a great fit. I have a PS Audio Sprout100, which is about that price brand new. Small but mighty. Also good with 4 ohm speakers. I can also vouch for Audiolab 6000a, which would give you 75w at 4 ohms. Or if you want something more vintage, I love the Sansui AU-999, an absolute workhorse. Beautiful warm sound, 4 ohm compatible.

So many options! Good luck.