Peachtree iNova issue


I've been using my Peachtree iNova for close to two years now with no problems at all.

Today, I turned my system on and there was muffled sound coming from my speakers and then all of a sudden the sound completely stopped and there's a light burning smell coming from the iNova (smelled sort of like an electrical fire).

Anyway, am I doomed? Do you all feel this is something that can be fixed?

The iNova still fully powers up, all buttons work, etc. However, it won't power up the speakers any longer.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Your instincts are right. A burning electrical smell, emanating from your equipment is generally not a good thing.
1.) Call Peachtree and hope they'll have you send it in/make you a "B" stock deal.
2.) Buy something used on Audiogon you've been wanting to try so you'll have tunes in the interim.
3.) Pop the top on your favorite beer. You've done all you can. Sometimes things just happen. (This time, try not to spill it in the equipment.)