Peachtree iDecco 24/96 problem Does it work 4 u?

So I bought an iDecco for use as an iPod dock/external DAC. I wish I didn't have to pay for the pre and amp but nonetheless most of the money goes to the DAC anyway. I was under the impression that it would accept 16/96 or at least didn't accept 24 on the USB.

On the S/PIDF (TOSLINK and Coax), I was under the impression that they could accept 24/96. I have my computer hooked up through the TOSLINK (optical) input and it won't accept anything with 96 kHz. What works? 16/44.1, 16/48, 16/88.2, 24/44.1, 24/48.

16/96 and 24/96 gives my system nothing that would be consider tones it gives a clicking sound (there is some sound though). I tried pressing the toggles on the back, the narrow/wide and fast/slow buttons. Is mine defective or not?
What type of computer are you using? You might need to change the "midi settings" to 24/96 so the OS doesn't down mix?
Hi Kylewat,
Did you ever figure out your issue? The max I could input on S/PIDF was 24/48 on my iDecco. Setting output to 96kHz results in pops and clicks. I think the max on USB was 16/48.
Just an update. My first iDecco had a problem with noise when using an iPod in the dock and connecting the preamp to a power amp. With the replacement unit, I can connect it to the S/PDIF optical port on my PowerMac and play 24/96 music no problem.
This issue sounds like OS related settings. Check the sound settings in Windows and make sure it is setup to output at 96khz.