Peachtree Grand Pre

I was wondering if anyone has heard the Peachtree Grand Pre and how it may compare to some of the big dogs in the DAC market. I am interested in a DAC/Preamp. It got good press from RMAF but was curious if anyone has heard it in their own system or in a showroom.
Anyone? I would like to know how this might stacks up to the W4S, PS Audio, Bel Canto, Zodiac Gold... The W4S is definitely tempting at $1.5k but if this is a big step up, and better than similar priced competitors, then I would consider it.
I heard that it is just starting to ship to selected dealers, so there's not much out there on it yet.
According to the Peachtree FB page The Grand Pre has been shipping since November the 15th. I would have thought some feed back would have been tricking in by now. I am interested
in the April Music DP-1 or this piece.
I was interested in the April Music as well, but I ruled it out because it does not have a remote control. There is now another posting about the Grand Pre out there.
The remote is almost a non issue for me as I am mainly interested in the Dac section of either the Grand Pre or the Dp-1. Could you please post a link to the the additional Gran Pre posting?
I think he's referring to this thread:
Thank you Bill for the link. I looked this morning before my cry for help but could not find it. Thank you once again
Just logged back in. Glad to see you found the link. Hopefully there may be others who took the plung who can comment as well.