Peachtree Decco 65

Need some advice here. I have an OK mid-fi system including Snell K.5 speakers powered by Sound Craftsman PCR-800 and an Adcom GTP-450. Also have a Velodyne Sub, for a little added bass. I have been looking to replace the Adcom, the weakest link, and also add a DAC. I run lossless files, but I really don't like using the airport express as my DAC. I am generally pretty content with the sound, but I feel I could benefit greatly from a decent DAC, and an upgrade to the pre-amp. I recently came across the Peachtree Decco 65, and it sounds like a very nice integrated solution. I'm wondering if replacing the Amp and Pre with this would be a step up or not. Another option would be to keep the Sound Craftsman, and add the Nova Pre. Thoughts?
IMO the Peachtree will be a significant upgrade over your current electronics.
The Peachtrees are underpowered and underperforming as amplifiers. They don't resolve very well in the DAC/preamp stage either. But the headphone stage is quite nice for the money. If you do go Decco, make sure you get a good amp with better electronics in it, something like an ADCOM 545. You'll be so much happier then. Don't rely on the Decco to drive your speakers, whatever their efficiency.
Thank you both for the feedback. Still on the fence about it. I can get the Decco at Magnolia, and return it if I don't like it, so I may give it a spin just to see if it works for me.
Curious whether the Peachtree underpowered comment relates to their new class d gear. Most reviews indicate that the underpowered issue has been fixed, particularly with the Nova125.
I had the 450 for a week then took it back. I had originally listened to and compared a Krell, arcam(?), and adcom 750 but "cheaped-out" and got the 450.

It was not what I wanted. Anyway, got the adcom 750, and it made a great improvement. You might try and find one used for around $700 bucks. Well worth it.
Yes, the older Peachtree amps (Original Nova, Decco etc)
were very wimpy and under powered. The newer Peachtree gear
(Nova 125 & Grand X-1 is anything but! Tons of power and
very refined, detailed & musical.
I have not heard the new Decco 65, but suspect it will be
great also in it's power catagory.
My current speakers are pretty easy to power, but I'm also looking to upgrade those in the future. I'd be bummed to cheap out on the Decco65, and find i need the juice of the Nova125. I listened to the Kef LS-50's and was really impressed. They seem pretty easy to power too.

I think if you are on the fence and even remotely close to being able to do the Nova instead, that's what I would do for sure.
Speaking of the LS50s, I just bought a pair and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I was thinking of getting the Decco65 for that purpose...anyone have experience with that pairing? I've heard the KEFs require some juice...