Peachtree Decco 2 volume motor acting up

I bought this thing used as there's no way I can justify what they want for new devices, especially class D. I've had it a few months, it's been pretty great and it replaced like 4 devices I had running. I LOVE that it has remote volume for the knob. However recently the volume knob has been acting up when using the remote. It seems like it goes up and down fine but when going up it gets stuck at about 11 oclock. The refuses to move. If I let it sit for a few minutes I can move it downward but then will get stuck randomly again. I thought it was a battery issue at first but after putting new ones in and also another set of fully charged ones, it still does it. If it's quiet enough I can hear the motor engaging so I'm assuming something's slipping?

So there's something up with the motor maybe? I'm pretty handy at fixing mechanical stuff but electronic is a little eeehhhh depending on what it is. I plan on opening up and seeing if I can physically see anything but is there anyone where that knows specifically what I should look for? Is the motor a generic mass made one that I can replace from some online site?