Peachtree DAC-it power supply upgrade?

First, what are the best options for replacing/upgrading the 9v wall-wart PS? I don't see a ton of options out there, especially from the 'standard' cable manufacturers.

Second, should I bother? If a PS upgrade is in the $250 range (estimate from the Welborne Labs website) would I be better off selling the unit and upgrading to a DAC in the $1000 range?
What can you audition for DACs that will give you an idea of what $i,000 buys ? Peachtree is good stuff no doubt but I am sure you have discovered it isn't the end all in audio by most measures. It sounds like you have a case case of acute upgraditis, it isn't usually terminal so don't worry.
Probably the easiest solution is to try to get a computer power supply

The spec on the DAC-it say 1amp - look for at least a 2amp supply - good to have more headroom

If you really wanted to crazy you could get one of these chassis mount units and build a case

9 volt supplies

I upgraded ma DAC Magic power supply and found it performed so much better.
Mechans, are you my wife?? Ok, this actually is a welcome response. I am moving in a month and promised myself I wouldn't change or tweak anything until after the dust settles because really what's the point.

I'm 60 minutes from Chicago so there is a fairly decent range of gear I could listen to if the mood struck. But replacing the DAC wasnt high on my list unless I relegate this to the second system.

Williewonka - thanks, I'm definitely going to check this out.