Peachtree BT1 vs Wadia 170i...

I am currently using a Wadia 170i as my main source (and have been for awhile now) but I hate that I have to select music on my iphone at the dock and would much rather be able to stay in my listening seat while selecting music.  With that in mind, I would like to try the Peachtree BT1 and bluetooth my iphone to the device but I am wondering if there will be sound degradation compared to the Wadia 170i ipod dock (with welbourne labs power supply).

Any input or advice will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Have you considered going with a WiFi device like a Sonos Play5, Def Tech W9, Paradigm PW800, etc.  Or, you could get a Sonos:Connect or Def Tech W-Adapt and connect it to your existing stereo system.  This would allow you to play the music on your iPhone while you move about the house/apartment and not have to worry about Blu-tooths limited range.  The Sonos App is the easiest to use.  If you want to do something on the cheap, you can pick up a Google Chromecast Audio for $35.00.  It has both digital and analog output.  It would allow you to get your feet wet for a small amount of money.  However, it is the "hardest" to use out of the streaming devices.  
Hey b_limo I know this is a late post but I just bought the BT1.  The trick here is the service and a nice option on the BT1.  For streaming the only 2 options are Dreezer and Tidal.  They are the only services that offer true "CD" quality.  Once you decide on your service connect the BT1 via it's optical out to your DAC, set your WiFi streaming quality to it's highest fidelity.  If you don't have a DAC use the stereo out on the BT1 to your preamp.

hope this helps.