Peachtree Audio NovaPre Gain Question

I recently bought a Peachtree Audio NovaPre and paired it with my Classe CA-101 amp and B&W CM1 speakers. I like the sound very much, but I have a minor issue I would like to resolve.

In order to listen at comfortable levels, the volume control must be quite low (around 9:00 or so). This is not a problem except that the volume control seems to be more sensitive in this region. In other words, a single tap of volume up on the remote results in a (too) significant boost in volume.

From what I've read, it looks like the culprit could be the gain being too high on the NovaPre or the Classe (or combination of both). The speakers are not super sensitive (84 dB), so I think we can rule that out pretty easily. What is the "best" way to remedy this issue?

1) Line level attenuators between the preamp and amp? What kind are most transparent?

2) Adjust the gain on the preamp? How?

3) Adjust the gain on the amp? How?

I've contacted Peachtree Audio to see if they have a recommendation on how to adjust the gain. I will reply if/when they respond.
To their credit, I received a quick reply from Peachtree audio stating that there is no way to adjust the gain in the Nova Pre. They suggested Harrison Labs 12 dB in-line attenuators, which I purchased and waited to post until I had given them a try.

The attenuators have given me a little better control of the volume and do not appear to be affecting the sound in any way (I.e., I cannot hear any difference in the timbre of the music being produced with them in place vs not in place). Even so, the issue has not been completely solved in my opinion. The control is still a bit sensitive, but I am happy to live with it as it is now (I was really ok with it before and it is definitely better now).

It occurred to me during this investigation that "gain" may not be an appropriate word for the discussion at hand since I am mainly using the Nova Pre as a DAC with a volume control. I am not sure of the internal workings of the device, but I suspect there is "gain" taking place on the signal after the DAC. Regardless, the output voltage of the Nova Pre is a little hot for the Classe CA-101.