Peachtree Audio Nova as. Preamp questions

Thank, ZD. I'm not quite understanding your instructions, though (my fault, not yours, I'm sure). The Dynamo is a powered sub and has no binding posts. Because it has only line level inputs and because, as you pointed out, I only have one pre output from the Nova preamp I'm thinking again about the Splitters from my only pre out connection dividing the signal between the 220 power amp and the sub. It's the simplest approach I can come up with.
In your first post, you said that you ordered the small sub but didn't give a model. I assumed it was a Dynamo 300. Even if you ordered a different model, still go to ML's web site and have a look at it anyway. You'll notice in the pictures that is has speaker cable terminals on it. They don't put them there to power the sub. They're used a interconnects. So when you run a speaker cable from the binding posts on your speakers to the sub, its only used to transfer signal. The internal amp still drives the speaker. Its a very common way to connect a sub.
You're right, I should have mentioned that the sub is the Martin Logan Dynamo 500, not the 300 which does have speaker connections. I spoke with the Peachtree guys who agree that splitting the line level signal from the preamp to the amp and sub is the best approach. Thanks for your input once again and I'll be more careful in the future to provide more complete info when asking for help. BTW, I received the Ethos speakers today and I'm mightily impressed.