Peachtree Audio Nova as a preamp questions

I made a pretty big mistake trading my Rogue Audio Sphinx for a Peachtree Nova plus several other items. I wasn't happy with the new sound, though, and assumed it might be because of the lower power amplification of the Nova so repurposed an old B&K AVR 307 for use as a power amp. I was satisfied with the change but the B&K bit the dust and I bought a Peachtree Audio 220 to replace it.

Now the question; I just ordered the newer Martin Logan Ethos speakers and small ML sub and question how I can use the subwoofer with this present configuration. The Nova has 2 line out connections (aux 1 and 2) but everything I read on the Nova says that the line out is for a sub OR power amp, not both.

I assume that it would work to "Y out" from the line level output to deliver the same signal to both the amp and the sub. This would also result in the capability for filter adjustment at the sub. It seems that this would be an acceptable solution but if there is a better way, I'd appreciate advice from the forum.
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There's only 1 pre out on your 220. The aux is an input. First, run a set of IC's from the 220 to your amp. Then, get a pair of speaker cables. Attach one end of the speaker cables to the binding posts on your speakers. Attach the other end of the speaker cables to the speaker cable input on the back of your sub(s). The speaker cables that you use for this don't have to be expensive. A cheap spool of Monster Cable, or something similar will be fine.