Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE price drop

The Peachtree Audio Nova 220SE price drops from $1999 to $1599. WOW! Audiophile sound just got a little more affordable.
WOW…"Marge, sorry but yer gonna have to do Uncle Bob's funeral by yourself…I'm gonna go get me a Peachtree Nova RIGHT NOW!"
The more I think about, its kind of odd they reduce the price. Maybe this is a clearance sale, their integrateds do not have DSD Dacs, so maybe a new generation is around the corner.
Kinda like car rebates. They offer the bigger incentives on the models they can't sell. And usually because a new model is coming and inventories are high and they want to help their dealers move these, so they be more inclined to order the new model.
Just my opinion of course.
Peachtree shakes itself.
It's also possible the stronger dollar is helping though I know nothing about Peachtree and where the gear originates from.
I just wish this thing had a couple more analog inputs...all I really need is one more set of analog inputs to use a separate DAC.
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