Peachtree Audio DAC IT X Any experience with

Anyone own or listen to this DAC? Thinking about buying but cant find any reviews and the closest dealer it 250 miles away.
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I own one, use it with an Audio Research VSi55 integrated and BMC Purevox speakers. When they came out they were $499 originally. Now under $300 they're an even better buy. Build quality is great, no issues, sounds great. I was originally lusting after the Line Magnetic Dac, an $1800 unit, but in a side by side comparison I couldn't hear any difference between them (this was using the LM's solid state output; the LM's tube output does sound different but also has higher voltage = higher volume, making direct comparison difficult using the tube output). So I opted to save the $1500+ and go with the DacitX instead. I wonder if potential buyers see the low price and assume that if it sells for so little it must not be very good, but that wasn't a problem for me - if I can get $1800 sound quality for $300, I'm in.

What speakers will you be running it through?

You wrote a strong review so I went and bought one. I figure it has a 30 day in home trial so how can you lose? I will be using Thiel 2.3's w/ upgraded drivers. Thanks for your thoughts!
Sure thing, let us know how it all works out.
Bcgator, I tried the Peachtree Dac. I returned it. I did a blind sound test on it and didn't notice any difference with it on. My last DAC was a Theta Gen Va and I am wondering if I am a little spoiled as I cant find a DAC under a grand that gives me a thrill. Im trying the Maverick DAC next as it has a 14 day In Home Trial period.I will keep you posted.
Rsa, what do you mean you didn't notice any difference with it on? Difference compared to what?