Peachtree Audio

received the Peachtree Grand and it was immediately clear to me that I prefer the 220se. Yes, the Grand is louder, but to my ears, not more musical. In addition, made a loud noise several minutes after the tubes were engaged. I contacted Peachtree and was told to remove the top and make sure nothing dislodged during shipping. I couldn't see anything wrong, took pictures and sent them to Peachtree. To their credit, they immediately created a Fedex label to return the unit. I decided the Grand wasn't the way to go and they are going to provide me a refund and return the 220se. Although I submit the 220se is outstanding for the money, I want to go to the next level. Having the Grand helped me focus on what I'm looking for...the Grand provided power, but not musicality. I'm looking for something that if the recording is capable, will provide more dimensionality and has enough power to provide tuneful bass.
It would have been a good idea to let it break in before you sent it back.
I respect what you're saying; however this was a refurbished Grand. My experience is that amps generally don't have night and day changes. In addition,how could I let a defective amp
break in?