Peachtree and Magnepan = No Bueno

Greetings all. A while ago I tried my Magnepan 1.7i with a Peachtree Nova 150 and found it to be a terrible combination sounding very thin, dull, quiet and having the imaging completely collapse. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this with a Peachtree/Magnepan combination and if Peachtree might be fudging some of their power output numbers or if it is a low current amp. Any ideas? Thanks!

The amp I normally use to power the 1.7i Maggies is a McIntosh MC275. I also tried the Peachtree with my Maggie MMGs and while it wasn’t a terrific combo it sounded much better than with the 1.7i. 
Never owned either the Peachtree or the 1.7.

That said, I have owned Maggies before (1.6 and 3.5R) and I would be confident to say that Peachtree amps don't have the balls to drive Magnepans.



thanks me later

search youtube on hegel amps and magnepans, the folks at audio excellence outside toronto have very informative videos out on the subject - unlike other clowns on YT these guys properly audition, have a lot of experience, no bs

(no affiliation, just a happy owner)
@joey54  Thanks for the articles, it seems the Nova 150 might need a little more oomph to push Maggies. However, I found it drove my Wharfedale towers effortlessly making them produce the cleanest and most authoritative bass I've heard yet from them. Cheers.
@ozzy62  Looks that way, thanks for the response. I wondering, with your Maggies what amplification did you use? Thanks.
@jjss49 Thanks for the suggestion, I've heard buzz about Hegel but have not read up on them. I'll take a look at the Audio Excellence guys on YouTube and see what they have to say. 
Agree 100% with jjss49 - I drive my maggies with a Hegel H190.  Other SS amps were ok. 
My Ampzilla 2000 2nd Edition 300wpc monoblocks with a Bryston BP26 preamp do a better job but cost a lot more.

The H190 does a great job driving my Harbeth SHL5+40s as well.

Definitely worth your while to demo if possible.

Good luck in your search! 
I don’t have Maggie’s, but I do have a Hegel H-390. Kicks a$$! To the Peachtree, they are excellent int’s, but the 150 just doesn’t have the grunt... 
BTW, the best amplifier I have heard with the Magnepan 3.7i's is the Belles Virtuoso. Amazing sound that bested the Bryston my dealer was using originally.
@ozzy62  Looks that way, thanks for the response. I wondering, with your Maggies what amplification did you use? Thanks.

With the 3.5s I used McCormack DNA-1 deluxe monoblocks.

And believe it or not, with the 1.6s I used a Music Reference RM9. Now that's a tube amp with balls.