PD-77 CD player repair

Hello all,

My beloved Pioneer PD-77 CD player has stopped working. It does not play any CD's. Seems to spin a bit and then does not recognize that a CD has been loaded.

Can anyone here point me to a shop that can take a look at this and determine what has gone wrong and fix it? I'm in the Philadelphia area.

Any assistance that I can get would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
The Yellow Pages might help, or http://www.switchboard.com
Thanks Slikric.

I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of someone that has experience in repairing higher end audio components.

Well, I will continue to research independently and try to locate a qualified repair facility.
Hello all,

Just as a reference for those that are in a similar predicament as me.

After hours of digging around on the Net, I was able to locate the part number for the laser assembly that was used in most of the Elite series Pioneer CD players; PWY1004:

And wonder of wonders, Pioneer has it in stock at $144.95 plus shipping. I ordered one a couple of days ago and it is on it's way to me.

I have spoken to Bart at Elite Audio Repair (http://www.eliteaudiorepair.com/) who knows what needs to be done to mount and calibrate this assembly.

I also bought myself a copy of the service manual. If someone has a high frequency oscilloscope and is interested in the details of doing this themselves, email me, I'd be glad to share a copy of what I have.


P.S: The model of the CD player I have (PD-77/SL) is a sibling of the PD-75 player. There are external cosmetic differences compared to the PD-75 unit. My player is in a champagne gold metallic body. It was available in Europe and parts of Asia when the CD player was manufactured.

John Hillig at Musical Concepts/Musical Designs can help you. I believe he's quite familiar with your unit. He's located just outside St. Louis, Missouri. He's got a web site with contact information.
Thanks Rockyboy.

I will contact John and check what he can do for me.
Please report back to us if that was the problem.