PCs: Transparent vs Audience

Some have suggested upgrading my Krell KAV 400xi with an aftermarket powercord. Using Transparent interconnects presently and so considering a Transparent pc (power link super) or the Audience powerchord. Budget is $300. Thanks for any input!
I can't directly answer your question. But I am a big fan of the Transparent Power cords. I think they are underated and hince a super buy used.

I just did a search and see several Transparent Ref in the $375-400 range. If you can stretch just a little, I don't think you'll find anything better for under $1500. The newer Super MM (curved network) I have not personally heard, but I know Transparent when the upgrade is usually substantial. Likely the super mm might equal better the reference of past (rectangle network)

You'll get a good performance improvement. If you have a stock cord now on your Krell, good might be replaced with great. Power cord are a big deal IMHO.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck
IMHO spending $300 on a power cord is a major misallocation of fund. I am sorry if my opinion offends anyone but that is the conclusion I draw after over 30 years in this hobby.
for $380 go for a Purist Audio Design Museus PC. Works very well w/ the Krells.
Be sure any cord you buy is returnable without a restocking fee. If a material, improvement in the sound takes place, keep it. Otherwise, move on to another. Yes, some cables can make a significant difference, but they are hard to find and the price has nothing to do with which one will work for you. Try some 'hospital' units, low cost and high quality.
Sidssp - I too cringe at shelling out cash for aftermarket pcs; Krell on their website a while back recommended against it. However, a few people I know (not dealers) with the same equipment strongly recommend it.

I can only speak for my own experiences. After 30 some odd years in this hobby, I have played with and paid for more power cords than I like to admit. At the end, I just couldn't convince myself and my friends that they make much if any audible difference. I am now using only stocked cable throughout my system.

Maybe my system is not sensitive to power cord. Or maybe my 50 year old ears can't hear the difference anymore. So there is nothing wrong if you want to try something different. Just make sure you don't have to pay for them before trying out.
If you can't hear the difference, whether it's your system or your ears -- I agree, I wouldn't buy them.
On the other hand, my almost 60 year old ears hear the difference in my system, so I have them.
The only two suggestions I would make are:
(1) Starting out, try a lower priced cord to see if it makes a difference, and
(2) Don't let the cost of the cords get our of proportion with the rest of the system. Ultimately, the components, and more particularly the speakers, will add more than power cords.