PCs Furutech FP-alpha -3 or PAD musaeus...??

Hi Dear fellows.Does anybody compared these two brands of wires by making power cords?I have already built a PAD muaeus power cord with Furutech F1-11-N1 Gold connectors.I wonder which could be the sound dfferences if I use a Furutech FP alpha 3 wire with the same Furutech gold conectors..?Any comments will be appreciated.Cheers.Rafael

Try the rhodium connectors.
Hi Rafael,
I've used many Alpha-3 in my system for a long time. It's one of the most powerful bulk cables that provide a great impact and bass, full of body with good dynamic contrast. Fair of detail and a bit dark tone.

There'll be a good combination with Furutech rhodium than gold. Furutech FI-50(R) could reach their highest potential.
Hi fellows
Thanks for your comments!

In fact, I was thinking in building a power cord for my Shunyata hydra power conditionner with FI- 50R in order to not re-terminate the original power cord.So that`s a very helpful appreciation Black-falcon.By the way... does anybody tried these FI 50 R connectors in a PAD Musaeus as well?I mean if someone has compared the two wires with the same connectors.??I will appreciate your comments!Raf